Insomniac Ramblings

Dear blog…
Its 5.35 in the morning.. as usual I can’t sleep..
Yeah.. its official that I am an Insomniac.. a RARE BREED. Mind you.. kekeke
I’d love to share with you my diary of an Insomniac.. (enriched version) hahah!
But not just yet..
I need to swim the ‘deepest part of my consciousness’ to be able to come up with the most honest narration.. Ngee~

So? Now I’ll just write crap.. 
I need to do something coz I can’t sleep and feeling kinda energetic..
Don’t want to end up running around the neighborhood while laughing like a maniac!

(That would be great though!) ^^

So my brilliant brain suggest..
                    “you should start writing, since reading doesn’t seem to help at all”

I was like.. “yeah brain, I don’t know why I’m immune to reading…” 
                    “I should try a new medicine!”

Brain..       “ Wait! STOP! No Drugs! No Drugs! Not good for your Boobies!”

Me..           “huh? Really? Where got this kind of information?”

Brain…     “urm… urghh… I must’ve read it somewhere…”

Me..          “u are just weird.. & your info is just ‘mereng2 one’"

Brain.        “But its true. Drug is not good for your health.. I bet my soul on it!”

Me..           “you got soul meh?… hahahaha..”

Brain.. *Merajuk mood! 
                   “you do whatever you like la!! Don’t come running to me when you lose yourself to all those addictive drugs!”

Me..  "huhuhuhu..."    Mumbling.. “like you can run away from me…” *Chuckled*

Brain.. *Shut down*

Bzzzzt… Bzzzztt.. Bzzztt… System error………


 Write! Write! Write!

Let see…..
This week is like a holiday week since many of our classes has just been cancelled.
Somehow I feel drained up by all the assignments and everything..

Just like the toilet flush.. when you pull it… 
all the water came pouring into the toilet bowl..
Splash! All gone!...
This is exactly how I feel.. (if you can understand la kan…)

In short, Now I think I am losing focus!
Can’t seem to bring my mind to focus doing anything..
Where all my “Warrior Study Spirit” go???
I need em’ soon! *Begging* Owh please come soon! Preety please.. pleaseee?

All I can think about is HOLIDAY! And Places that I can go… (T.T)
Owh, it would be heaven to have another long holiday… :D
Going places.. meeting new people.. make new friends..
Maybe.. make new boyfriends… LOL! 
Holiday spirit is just overwhelming! Wee~

Back to the story of my student life… urm..
Thank God this week isn’t all that hectic..
But I’m predicting that next week will be a HELL WEEK! YeeeHaaaa!!
I’ll be Mozart (crazy version) on my keyboard!!
Can’t wait for that! :D Hopefully I wont break my keyboard..

Owh yeah, and I need money! Lots! And Lots of em’! (who doesn’t?)
Why? Why? Why?
I’ll now what to do with em when I get my hands on em’ ($.$)

If you have a way for me to make profit, (the Halal way) tell me.. 
Leave a comment.. a link?

Its 6am.. and I can’t sleep.. Ice box, here I come!

Thanks for reading my beautiful crap! ^^

P/s.s: Dear readers..................................................
Sorry for using Malay slangs in this entry.. ^^


Nerojei said...

I heard about money?? I found this from our fellow senior, why don't you check it out.

Same here. These works and assignments are overwhelming! Terlampau banyak sampai malas mau peduli! But it had to be done. Sigh.
Stop thinking, start doing.

Dewi Batrishya said...

Yay! Money..Money.. Money.. ($.$)
Read bout it.. Not too sure how to go bout it.. -.- hurm..
But, I'll try! ^^ Thankz!!

Rungitom said...

tumbling into the toilet bowl. You know when I did a joke about my sleepy teacher long time ago, that he sleeps with his head inside the toilet bowl

Dewi Batrishya said...

Hahahaha! Seriously??
He must've been very sleepy.. :P

luxperpetua said...

this post gile funneh.
you made my day wewi!!
(after the suck comments for the meeting this morning. =.=')

Aly89 said...



Dewi Batrishya said...

HUhu.. anytime miss Fawa.. ^^
Yeah, dem0tivating comments.. huhu..
Better Luck next time! :)

Ash: Tu ja la yg ko nmpk.. :P

syam said...

eya ba tu ja si ash nmpakkkkk wahahahahhaa