Genting HappyLand..


So,  hidayah8 came to our room and asked a million dollar question;

“Lets go to Genting Highland this Saturday, shall we?” 

erm.. It didn't really sound like a question.. but, was sounding rather like a Splendid Suggestion!

My oh my! Finally got a chance to escape ‘Oven-city-shahie-alamie’

p/s: ‘shahie-alamie’ Real identity is undisclosed due to personal reasons.. -.-

So, early morning, we make our move and arrived. 

We took ‘Genting Skyway’ and make it to the top.

Yeap, Skyway is like a weird shape ball that can trap a giant Tiger.


So we took the Skyway Cable Car non-the-less because we are NOT superwoman.. 

we can’t fly.. *Sigh*

There was announcement made from time to time while we were in there.. All I remembered was ‘Skyway Genting is Currently the world's fastest and South East Asia's longest cable car system..bla..bla”.. The rest was just a blur picture because I was too busy imagining what was it like to be in ‘Jurrasic Park’ while watching  'Cretaceous weed whacker'  whacking out the forest.. hahaha!

P/s : 'Cretaceous weed whacker' (is some plant-eating-dinosour)

The gurls was busy taking pictures.. Mumbling words.. and one were scared.. (yeah, you know who you are) hehehe.. *Wink2* Everybody was excited non-the-less. :D

The last time I was in that Skyway Cable car, It was almost dark.. which is awesome! Coz It felt like flying in an alien mothership or something..

See??? Ain’t it something?


Wonderfully colorful!! I’m shaking with excitement.. Nearly wet my Jeans.. hahahah!

Bought a ticket which looked like a bangle of bar code..  Suddenly I felt like an Item walking with two feet.. huahuahua.. Fancy wristband!

Usual ticket cost RM38, since it was Peak Season, we paid RM44.. *Kachingg!! I wondered how much profit they made that day.. with nearly 600 or more people there.. Fuhhh.. ($.$) talking bout investment huh?

1st Item to explore! The SPINNER!!!

We went on it… Like the name suggest, It spins!! What a Rocking swing! Fuhh.. We need to have those in our Playgrounds! Seriously! What a rush! What a sight!

One sOng snuck in my mind while I was on it…  “Lajuu.. Lajuu.. Buai ku lajuu.. Aku nak kawin anak Raja… LaLaLa”.. I fitted perfectly with the Spinner.. hihihi..

P/s: Translation of the song.. (or something like that..)                                              “Fly me to the moon… LaLaLa”

p/s: Please don’t wear skirts Ladies, Or the People ‘downstairs’ will ‘stare’ with much excitement! YeeHaa!

2nd Item to get all excited about! The CYCLONE!!! A rollercoaster with "big" thrills!

As you can see, Maximum 4 person per ride.. It was actually prescribed for ‘children’ BUT children can’t seriously be on it.. Because its just Crazy! (I mean, the Cyclone, not the children)

The trip was short though.. Like the name suggest.. It twirls and swirls for a while.. and then it ends.. In sort, I can say that The route was ‘Uplifting’. ^^

3rd Item on the List, the FLYING COASTER!!!!

P/s: Flying Coaster ride is not included in the pass, you have to pay separately. It was RM10 per ride.

Now we had the chance to fly like a Superman in Spiderman’s skin! What a Combo! Hahaha

We were made to believe that we’ll crash our heads on the pillars…! How cool is that??? Now I know what all super heroes felt when they flew from buildings to buildings.. went underneath bridges..

Ngee~ we were Superwomen of the day!! Yay!!


4th  Item to attack!! Sungai Rejang Flume Ride!!

We went on a boat-like-ride and we went through tunnels and Splash into the waters! Getting all wet! Haha! That was a shocker! A peaceful boat ride turned violent!

Once we splashed into the water.. the boat slowed down.. and basically at a turtle’s speed.. We needed speed!! So we row.. with our bare hands! *exactly like in the pic below* Haha.. If it was a competition.. we could’ve won for sure!

To dry ourselves,  Hidayah and Ashley decided to take a ride on ‘Vintage Cars’ then have fun ‘Go-Cart-ing’ :)

While the rest of us decided to launce ourselves into the space via SPACE SHOT!!!Space Shot lifts up to 12 people into the air, providing an exciting G-force on the way up and a feeling of weightlessness on the way down.

I instantly indulge myself in a screaming frenzy! Screaming for my life! It was overwhelmingly extreme! Hahaha.. I am glad when I land on earth again…. Wee~

Next stop.. Is the most anticipated event of all.. *CLAP2*

Introducinngggggg…. CORKSCREW ROLLERCOASTER!!! YeeeHaaaaa!!!

The only double-loop roller coaster in Malaysia that speeds and spins up to a height of 90 feet above the ground! :D

We were hanging upside down.. Screaming Hysterically.. Jolly tears streaming vertically on our faces.. If there was someone catching cold, their snot would fall off surely! HaHaHaHa!!!

Fall then Rises again… Made to believe that we’ll fly ‘off-course’ due to the speed.. YeeHaaa… I Love it!  I Love it! Never get bored by the ride! It was funny to see people crying over it… I mean.. crying after they hop on it.. totally NOT suitable for light-hearted people..

There was a lot more to check out! However, We only explore the BEST! Next time we come, we’ll explore INDOOR THEME PARK.. ^^

So, till the next adventure, Thank you for following my stories.. God Bless ye’

Here’s extra pictures for your eye candy..

Our Lovely Ladies...

Coffee Ambassadoress.. ^^

Spot the difference?

More Lovely Pictures of Lovely Ladies.. ^^

London Bus :)

P/s: Nobody was harmed in the making of this comic..

and.. Sg.Rejang doesn't have any Crocs* ;)

Ouh! Felt like a RoxStar in this one! HeuHeuHeu..

Comic For Fun:

~The End~

Thanks for Stopping by.. :D

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Supia Chao said...

oh, I miss all the fun at Genting.. Such a good place to release stress.

Dewi Batrishya said...

Truly!!! Must come again..! ^^
Either with family or friends..
Quality time is only worth it when it is shared with those who mattered most.. :)

zuan said...

great trip, ur words describe it well :) bird, lets go to venus together *wink* :D

Aly89 said...

Haha...funny dialogues in that comic strips..:P

Dewi Batrishya said...

Zuan: Lets go..a.s.a.p!! haha..
Aly: ^^ hopefully its believable..

zuan said...

bird, can u add my new url in ur dashboard, just click on the 'add' button next 'manage'. and paste this url

Raf Rafail said...

woaaaah tis is fun....wanna go n bird how cud u go without me? huh

Dewi Batrishya said...

Zuan: Sure..
Raffa: I invite you what? U guys said u were busy cleaning up ur place..
No worries.. we'll have a 2nd Trip to Genting! ^^

syam said...

HAHAHAHA so i was taking pic with a rox star lahh. gete ko dewi hahahaha. I SUPER LIKE THIS POST.

Dewi Batrishya said...

Hehehe.. we were both rocking out da pics! ^^
Me super like this post oso.. (^^).v.

Alisa said...

Wow.. this is really nice place and beautiful pics, wonderful land!

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