A Day in a Life of a Perfect Student!

Couldn't sleep again.. 
and again.. and again.. and again..2pm ♥
Watched U-KISS VAMPIRE series..
Finally fell asleep around 9.30am today..
Mimi woke me up.. around 10.30am..
Was feeling rather lazy to move about..
Should I just skip the Business class today?..

Pillows and Bed told me to stay by their side.. 
Owh.. Comfy.. Comfy.. >.<
Heck! I forgot! It's our Formal Business Meeting today!!
What the..*tutttt* 
Class starts at 10.30am!!!!

Jumps down the double decker bed!
Almost broke my ankle.. Great.. 
Recharge my phone's flat battery..
Skip the shower..
Washed my face..
Pull out whatever I can grab from the closet..
Get into whatever that I can fit into..
Call out Mr.Chairperson.. 
Was in desperation to enquire bout the dangerous situation..
He sounded very Cool though.. wee~ should I be grateful or what?

Run towards the door.. while Brushing my teeth with an Apple.. *Ngee...
Wear my Sandals.. 
Run like Mad to the Faculty..
Glad the distance is only 3 minutes away! XD
Reached the Guard Post and smiled to the Guard.. NOT.. (-.-)"

Jumped the stairs like a Monkey freed from a zoo..
There were some spectators who've witnessed it..
They must've called the Asylum by then..
But I couldn't care less.. >.<
Desperate time needs Desperate measures..
Yeah! Call me a Desperado!
But at least I'm not going to extinct like a DoDo..
Uikk, they rhymes.. LOLOL..  XD

Happy to see the class for the very 1st time in my entire student life..
Walked in.. 
My group was having a discussion..
I tried to act cool..
They looked at me.. I looked at them..
Probably I looked like a monster? Perhaps.. (-.-)"
But hopefully a cute one.. hekhekhek..

Sat down..
Discussion continues..
Dumbfounded for a while..
Looking at the white board..
Tried hard to process the instructions left by the lecturer..
All I can think was..
U-KISS singing Man Man Hani which means, 'Easy for you' Btw.
Yeah.. today is really Man Man Hani.. 
I mean.. Man Man for Me.. so far.. GeGeGeGe..XD

Education juice kicks in..
Afore I know it, some serious sounding words came out my mouth..
Great.. this is real Man Man Hani.. I said to myself..
Discussion ends..
Finally the long awaited Formal Business Meeting..
Lovely lecturer sat with us to assess the affair..

I didn't have time to be nervous..
But words were stuck in my throat at times..
Perhaps it was the apples from before..?
Not quite sure..

Through with the meeting,
We 'managed it well' she said..
So, I think we've passed with flying colors on this assignment..! :D
Smiled broadly..
Look at each other with huge satisfaction..
Feeling like a Perfect Student all of a sudden..

That's all!

So yeah... My Song for today is Man Man Hani...
Play and admire the awesomeness!! Mwahahahaha...


nisa_jf said...

funny owh u wewi...muahahaha! btw, congratz for the mtg accomplishment! :))

Fanzi said...

I'm surprised we managed to hold on until the last 30 minutes of the meeting..

Last time, we couldn't even reach 15 minutes.. hahaha~

Dewi Batrishya said...

Nisa: Tengkiu.. Tengkiu.. kekeke
FanZ: Yeah.. I mean like, whut the heck happened to us? As if possessed or something.. :P

Aly89 said...

Whoot! Kevin! LOL

Sorry, teda2...:P

luxperpetua said...

never i felt this happy when it comes to meeting classes before.wee~

Dewi Batrishya said...

Aly: I know u like her.. I mean.. HIM.. :P
Lux: Hehehe.. me too.. One test to go & we'll graduate from business class. kekekeke.. ^^

syam said...

man man hani punya pasal. lol!

Aly89 said...


Dict MFG said...

I can imagine 0_0

Dewi Batrishya said...

Aly: U-Kiss coming to KL on our holiday.
syg lor can't go see U-Kiss.. Hihihi..
Can't see Kevin la then.. :P
Dict dear: Don't 'over'Imagine.. HuaHarharhar XD

Aly89 said...

Ngam la jga it's on da holiday..me pokai oredi...