It’s great how the human mind works. We distinguish between realities and fantasies. Often times the reality ain’t as pretty as we’d imagine. Thus we create another world, the fantasies, for us to escape from the harshness of reality around us.

For an unfortunate person like me, there isn’t much that I can do to run away from reality of my life. Maybe for some people, the options are endless. I can only be happy for few things in life and I’m grateful for that. I’m thankful to those people who made an effort to make my world alive.

Although behind those smiles and laughter, tears and emptiness soon follows. I am trapped in my own fate. *Chuckle*

It’s funny how this is the 1st time I ever been so honest. Maybe it’s damn hard to contain these feelings that I resort to writing poems. Not the 1st time that I try to explain my heart content through it. They are simply pure and honest representative of my silence.

Shakespeare said, life is as brief as the candle. Ironically, that is how I see my life.

A poet expresses things through poems. It doesn’t have to make sense. It’s just sheer expression that made it unique and special. It became my truth. My escapism… from time and time again.

Like Shakespeare, maybe someday someone will solve the puzzle pieces of my life. Although I doubt anyone can do it. :)

Title: A candle.

Pretty it stood, an ornament that warms the souls of its spectators

Being an honest actress putting up outstanding performance

Behind those acts, slowly it melts away, 

slowly but surely…

It’s a fragile being.

Silently it burns itself away for the spectators to enjoy.

Behind those pains, it can only feel empty. Because that is how it was made.

Cold and empty inside.

When there is light, the wind blows and darkness consumes the room once again.

But the spectators lit it up to feel the warmth of its company.

Thus the actress dances to the rhythm of the moment.

The pain went away once again. But the emptiness continues. 

Slowly but surely…

Everyday is like a clock. Ticking itself away without stopping for a second.

It’s like running a marathon without final destination.

Maybe the end is a total darkness.


Thanks for reading.

Now I can rest my weary soul… :)

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