If you read my Last Entry, I posted something about ' Talentime'... 
u can check my entries on the right hand side under 'Random Things' :)

Since the karaoke competition received immense participation,

They (the organizers) decided to do a preliminary round to pick the best singer.


So, Like a Spartan that I am... I went to the Hall and Just Go for it…

During practice, I sang an easy song and managed to sing it well…

But it was a dull song.. and many contestant is singing the same song. *Boring~

So the reckless person that I am, I pick a more Fun but fast track to sing. 

I didn’t want to ‘Play safe’ and be ‘boring’…


Without any practice what-so-ever, I Jump to the stage… Snatch the microphone..

(I didn’t ‘jump’ & I didn’t ‘snatch’ anything… It was a hyperbole >.<)

Maybe because I got Hit by a Hockey stick during tournament last Saturday, I have become BOLDER(?)

HUahUaHua.. My forehead still stings!

DAMN YOU who-ever-you-are that HIT ME!!!

(Jk..Jk.. It was a rough game.. and I kind of ANTICIPATE people hitting my head hard with a Hockey Stick..!   Don’t worry, I STILL REMEMBER my NAME! >.< )

At least u didn’t hit me hard on my *Tutt*

THANK GOD for that!

HuaHuaHUa.. I’m Glad I don’t Have a Long *Tutt*!


So…. the music was on, I was feeling nervous ‘shitless’!

My hands were trembling like a mad cow! (Mad cows tremble don’t they? Whuteva..)-.-


It was nerve wrecking!

 I almost shit my pants! (seriously)

I almost lose my sight…

Swear I saw ‘B.Rain’ sitting among the audience!

 (Yeah, I might exaggerate a bit too much here) hehe..

 Well, what’s the verdict??



And the verdict is…………. *Drum Roll*




I Crash and Burn!! HUaHUaHUa..


Can you see me flying through the air?? 

Nope? Maybe u need to borrow Harry Potter's Glasses! >.<

Well, at least, I didn’t run away like a coward! Wakakak..

So, next time, IF I decide to do something stupid again, I have to make sure that I’m well prepared for it!

Duhhhh.. I would never do that.. coz it would NOT be FUN at all! Mwahahahaha..



Owh anyway, these are the songs that I sang..

-Park Shin Hye – without words

-Par Bom – You and I

Luv em’ Both!! ^^

Do google em’.. or  Youtuble em’

Yes, I have the word ‘youtuble’ in my dictionary.. >.<


Till my next reckless action! See ya!!   GeGeGeGeGe..



razee.. said...

ape nih..?
saye kurg paham la..

gamba2 nye sume xde kaitan..

i like the tutt part..

it must so damned if it is hit by a
hockey stick..

Dewi Batrishya said...

Razee! Masih idop agi nko!! Huahua
Ckp aritu nak cuti ber'blog' gagagagaga...
Ni aku blog pasal ptandingan nyanyian yg aku ikut..
huhu.. nnt mintak kwn 'translate'kan ek.. hehe

Rungitom said...

Well, at least you tried and went through all of it. :)

I tip my invisible hat for your courage.

Dewi Batrishya said...

Thank you! Thank you!
I would want to borrow ur invisible hat sometime.. :P

razee.. said...

saye cuti post je..
kalo busan2,
pegi la tgk2 blog2 org jap..
pastu sambung keje balik..

Dewi Batrishya said...

Plaja Cemerlang mmg camtu!!

kenwooi said...

yeap preparation is important =)

Dewi Batrishya said...

Preparation is not my True BestFriend!
hihihi.. Thanks Though! ^^

Fanzi said...

Owh Dewey.. it's OK.. i hope u're not that badly burnt. hehehe.. will always support u..

Dewi Batrishya said...

Hahaha.. Sun Burn Only.. No worries.. :P

Dict MFG said...

here's what I'm wondering...

You're thankful for the fact that you don't hava a "long TUUUT"...

So, meaning...YOU HAVE A TUUUT???
Albeit a short one...but STILL A TUUUT??!

Dict MFG said...

here's what I'm wondering...

You're thankful for the fact that you don't hava a "long TUUUT"...

So, meaning...YOU HAVE A TUUUT???
Albeit a short one...but still a TUUUT??!

Dict MFG said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dewi Batrishya said...

Mwahahahaha.. Dict Dear,
I guess, you get all excited because of the *tutt*
that's y you posted it like, so many times.. hakhak
Yes, I have a *tutt* of course..
But not the same as yours.. wakakaka..
P/s: DAMN U ! :P

zuan said...

hoooo~ congratz dewi. u won the burn burn category :p

Dewi Batrishya said...

HuaHua.. I won! yay! I won! ;P

syam said...

at least you are NOTHING like the wannabe k-pop...LMAO at the rain guy and 2pm group...shit man...i cudnt stop pinching u..and the snow white..huwa...for God that poooor giirrrl!

Dewi Batrishya said...

Lets do something stupid again next time.. :P
Better still, lets do it together! HarHarHar..

acsonrobin said...

what??? dewi!!! aku terlepas satu event yg patut aku tgk! lbh2 lg ko masuk competition tu! dui... huhuhu.

Dewi Batrishya said...

Hahaha.. Too late.. :P
Next time, when I make fool of myself, I'll let you know.. :P

Anonymous said...


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