Malaysian General Election 13 Blabber.

The whirlwind of Malaysian political state still blows. I was rather shocked by the possibilities that the democratic process in Malaysia might have been hijacked. Of course I felt the pang of betrayal by our own constitution, the one whom we have put our trust on. However, not unless there will be another voting going to be held soon, most of us can’t do squat about the results.

I agree, further investigations should be done and even if the guilty party skipped the sentence of this ‘living realm’, they will have to answer to their acts in the next realm. In the meantime, I tried to find the silver lining in the whole messed up situation.

The good news are, I can see that many people are getting smarter and are aware of what is going on. More and more people stood up and voice out their concerns and hope, the dream of a better future. Malaysians are more critical towards any piece of information given; proactively seek to find the truth, and to be mature, rational and just in weighing arguments.

The bad news are, there are also the exact opposite, there are also people who scream and shout without having knowledge, and not basing claims to facts nor evidence. Making it worse, some big shots are pulling out the ‘race card’ to justify some results, stirring up more hatred and annoyance in me.

From history I’ve learned that, for a very long time Malay had lived side by side Chinese and Indians. Our forefathers build up this country from zero. Malay accepted all other races and agreed to live in harmony with each other. 

As we grow older, the harmonies we try to seek were shaken time and time again. ‘Malaysia’ is the Magical glue that puts us all together.

Thus, Malaysian constitution was born even before I was born to protect the rights of generation to come. It was only natural to preserve our rights. But it does NOT mean that we can treat other races with racial slurs, and mistreat them. After all, their forefathers helped us build MALAYSIA as we know it!

Unfortunately even from an honest, well intended notion, breeds opportunity for ‘some people’ to start and manipulate a racist game that has plague Malaysia until today.

“Is it possible that this is not a Chinese tsunami or racial chauvinism but a Malaysian tsunami that is centred on the aspiration and new reality, especially among young voters.” - Datuk A. Kadir Jasin

If that’s the case, it shows just how much people have changed and mature these past few years. And I am damn proud of Malaysians!

I was also irked by my friend’s notion:  “Not impossible, one day, the PTI’s (illegal immigrants) will share the same rights as ours.” Well, maybe he was dead on! Maybe it has already begun, and shall we turn a deaf ear and blind our eyes to reality? Heck no! All the more reason to fight for what is rightfully ours!

Is people really fighting hard FOR THE PEOPLE? Or merely using people as ‘stepping stone’ towards achieving PERSONAL - AGENDAS?

After years and years of brainwashing, I guess, people became confused. Some can’t even tell whether a government runs the party or if the party runs the government anymore. It would be a shame if, in the end it, the ruckus was only about liberals going against conservatives.


Malaysia need strong people, who will keep working on better reforms, people who can act with maturity & integrity. Leaders need to put priority of the people first, before their own.

A huge storm is coming, and without proper harness, the harsh wind will blow you away. Therefore, we need to equip ourselves with knowledge and build up strong character with superb moral values.
We need to steer away from ‘dirty politics’ for our love for a better Malaysia for everyone in our mind and hearts.

Anyway, Congratulations over the winnings this election, as fellow Malaysian, I sincerely hope for another great years ahead without worrying about my next generation.

Hopefully, the winning candidates can improve the quality of as well as making sure to keep ALL PROMISES as descripted in the manifestos.

And for those who have failed, when your intentions are true, you have won the blessings of you LORD, and HE’ll pay for your patience two-times-fold. Do not lose hope; always strive on serving and giving the best to community.

These are my personal opinions/conclusions based on short-lived observation. Take what you think is right and forgive my immaturity for the parts you disagree on. Cheers!

"Kerana nikmat amat lama berkuasa, kuasa pun seolah menjadi hartanya." -A Samad Said.
Having to sit on the throne for so long, people forget that the throne wasn't their property after all. -My translation
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Finally the day has come!

Congratulation on finishing bachelor's degree in TESL! 

A bitter sweet memories that'll last a lifetime. 

 Young & Glorious! 


P\s: Currently stranded in KL.
Will write again soon when I get home. Muaks! Ciao!

Photo Crdt to Ashley :)
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2012 in a Nutshell.

Psstt.. Psstt...

I’m breaking my own promise!
---Of not writing anything till the end of the year! Hah!

Don't you feel a tad bit s p e c i a l(?)  LuLz


The truth be told... is that,

I miss writing!

I miss it so much that I obsessed about it and get jealous (in a good way) of reading other people’s blogs. :P

Well, I’m crazy-weird.. that way.. 
arhh..you know that already. ;p

This might be a lengthy post though it wasn’t my initial intention to do so. 

Its just that.. my life this year has been colourful. Too colourful perhaps? Hahahaha.. 

SO, lets Dig IN!

January- ????

I don’t really remember what happened… I must’ve had amnesia or something..
*Fast-forward to Next-Month*

February - Hello! Sexy February…

We celebrated our 6th anniversary together via terrorizing the Beach with our Nottiness and HOTness… Ouch!

More pictures:  HERE!

As seniors, 

We participated in the Institute’s environmental event, sports day. You name it! we were there to show support!

I remember it has been too long since I paint. SO, it was sheer pleasure participating on my part. ;)

More pictures: HERE! and HERE!

March - The month of sheer Delight!

I went to Indonesia with my fav Traveller comel @RayyanHarries.

We terrorized Indonesia with our awesomeness..! LALALA…

Throughout the journey..

 I've went places...

I’ve meet people...

Tasted the food...

Experienced new stuff...

Found new family... :)

And definitely Humbled by the culture.

It’s true that: u aint see nothing if you haven’t see the world.

Was an awesome journey. 
It Honestly lifted up my spirit and opened my eyes.

More Juicy Pictures: HERE! and HERE! and HERE! and HERE! and HERE! LoL

My brother got married.. 

I was the bridesmaid. LOL. 

Our people believe (or would rather 'prefer') that the bridesmaid will be the next in line. 
Total bullocks if u asks me. LOLOL..  

If it so happens that I’m the next walking down the isle, that’ll be sheer coincidence!

All in all, I was just rather happy for them. :)

P/s: 8 siblings. 6 married. That leaves me and my other brother.

See? 2 more Lambs to kill! Ha!Ha!

See Wedding Album: HERE!

April  - Rather a busy month.

We had held the Professional Development Seminar. 

It was Proclaimed as the most proper and prestigious Seminar ever by Mr.G (you-know-who) ßlove him!

We learned. We laughed. We ate. We celebrate. Its all good!

Full Album: HERE!



Lord, u should be there to witness the BEST, and BIGGEST exhibition held in IPGay HALL everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!

Non-stop appraisal by Lecturers, fellow mates, fellow IPGians, and fellow students! Gee~ Thanks! uhuks.

They are adorable! Aren’t they? Huahuahua.. 

*the best feeling ever*

We even set up few fan pages for that superb event .

Before saying good bye to APRIL,

We had the biggest TESL partayyyyy ever..

Everyone looked gorgeous.

The Juniors dressed to impress. 
And I was IMPRESSED indeed. They were like waow..

It was a fun night.

Most of all, I have them! The c5 to enjoy the night with !


May – Hugging them tightly!

We are well aware that the end is near, 
but secretly everyone;s dealing with it in their own terms.

As for me, everyday with them is a blessing. 

So, I hold them tight in my heart and cherish every moments through these pictures!

For More sweet memories click HERE! and HERE!

Knowing that we’ll be leaving, Lecturers becoming more and more ‘compassionate(?) that they are willing to feed these fat kids. TROLOLOL

(To-whom-this-might-concern!) :P


Before officially leaving, we threw a final dinner 
(in a clear blue day!)

“Saying goodbye is hard if we know we never meet again.” –anonymous.

But, I say: “It’s a small world, I’m sure we’ll meet again! Someday” ;)

 ♥ xoxo 

June – It’s time to part ways!

We sat for KISSM paper and that was the last time we meet till the next EXAM paper in July. (weird time frame-I know!)

I was hired (to my own disbelief) in a Pharmacy as a cashier! 

LOL.. how did that happen? xD

Worked there the whole month and that was a delightful experience.

It had taught me to be humble and grateful for everything in life...

July – We meet again!

We finally sat for the Final Paper and between working and studying; I managed to save few final minutes of my busy life to focus on the Exam.

Funny how coming back after the holiday kinda messed me up a bit.

Everyone back then was rather blurry images of my past but somehow familiar faces just gives comfort.

And it’s always very delightful to meet up my Beloved C5 crew!

Till we meet again in NOVEMBER!

 ♥ xoxo 


Later this same month , I decided to travel with my brothers.
Leaving all the worries behind and conquer my fear of height (not that I have any fear of height) wkwkwkwk..

50m Above Ground Level.
Crazy-Delightful Experience!
The BEST I've everr had!! 

Currently, I’m celebrating the blessed month of Ramadhan!

Life has been very kind to me. 
So I shall be thankful for what I have, what I had, everyday! 

Alhamdulillah, praised be with ALLAH the ALMIGHTY!


The opening of august, 
we celebrate the new member of c5 crew. 

Baby Norhan!!

Norhan Shaheizi bin Norshamezi


I have yet to meet him. 
I gonna snuggle (or perhaps smuggle him) later!



 One of us is Getting Married!
Gosh! A reminder of how we've grown so much!

Yesterday, we're a bunch of crazy kids! (we still are)
Today, we are ready to take up new challenges & responsibilities!

Congratulation on being Engaged!
Can't wait till your wedding Day Nisa! 

 ♥ xoxo 

P/s: SOon there will be more good news! 
(I can feel it!) hehe

And the Final semester's result is OUT!
Nothing much to say….. 
Just have to wait till NOVEMBER (Graduation Day)

Which I hope I’d be able to attend Inshallah(God;s willing)

SO you see, 
it’s only August!

There’s still room this year to spill the beams. Haha! 
Whatever that means. 

So, until the next URGE to write! Xoxo Readers! I Love you!

P/s: I don't know where life will take me. 
But I'm sure my life will be FUN! kudos!

and yes,


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