Jolly Good Mood!

OLa!!! :D
To share with you a little something, 
I slept for a WHOLE DAY on Sunday, 
hoping for my life-battery to be Recharge!
My wish came true when I slept at 12pm Saturday and woke up around...
11pm Sunday!(?)   WeeeHoooo!!! 
Did I break the world record?? LOLOL!!!

My Life Battery is fully Charged now... and as usual, I can't sleep... >.<
Well, Its kind of depressing not being able to sleep when you want to.. 
But its rather exhilarating to know that you can sleep 
twenty-four-seven-hours during weekends!! :P

So, what have I been up to?
Hiewhiewhiew..... ^^
I've been Laughing and Giggling the entire time.. hehe..

I'm in a Jolly Good Mood right now.. I wonder why?.. ^^
So, I decided to share with you my Jolly Good Mood Mode!! HuaHuaHua.. 

I picked the most random Videos from YOUTUBE
To brighten up your day!!
Click em' and tell me how you like em'...

P/s: I promise to put more than just a smile on your face this time!!

1st Vid:

* 'High' Fashion disaster...! *
Can't really Blame them... XD

2nd Vid:

1. Someone please save him.. XD
2. Hehe.. Is it that funny? LOL
3. How much winning must've mean to her.. :D
4. Python attack!!!! Must watch!!!

3rd Vid:

* Yes, he should be more professional..! But... *

U can find dozens of these funny videos (in YouTube especially).. ;)
These are certainly my favorites!! :D
I'm sure they'll come in handy when you need something to be cheerful about.. :)
Have a Great Day ahead!!! XD


kusut said...

lol it's always good to be jolly isn't it? neway, thanks for the share. prtty funny vids.

not able to stop laughing during live newscast.. is a nightmare :P

and the 3rd vid, i think i've seen it on tv before and it is actually a prank video. not a real tv show. but it could be some other vid tho.

Jessica Lyne Andrew said...

can we trade lives just for april and may? hehehe :)

syam said...

12am la..12pm we were nt even home.
today ive just joined club the again..(baru bgn :p)

Dewi Batrishya said...

^^ Spread the Lurveee... Hihihi ♥

Ejit88 said...

this reminds me of something... the first thing comes across in my mind when i read ur blog is the picture of u laying down on ur bed, trying to fall asleep while looking at the ceiling, playing with ur hair, constantly moving ur position left to right and... it is like in a very early morning when everyone is still sleeping soundly...

THAT is funny... while everyone loves to sleep and can fall asleep easily, but you are struggling to close ur eyes and to fall asleep...:P COOL roomie!! haha

Dewi Batrishya said...

LOL.. Malu sda.. >.<
Kdapatan plak.. haihh...
Yeah.. weird huh?..
Next time, I'll just play dead on my bed..
kunun2 tido la.. kekekekeke.. :P

mEMYselfandi said...

folo u oredi=)
folo me back k=)