Shocking news!

Okay, so, since I’m a procrastinator, (and are very proud to be one) I will write this entry even though my assignments envies my procrastinating moment..

Looking vengefully at the books.. “What are you snickering at me about?!!” Imitating Eliza in Pygmalion.. ehem!~

To feed my procrastinating soul, I find many things to entertain myself, I read things, I watch things, I hear things, I eat things..

So while I was doing those things, I stopped, staring, disbelieving… at this news I bumped into..

A Taiwanese woman lodged a report against her boyfriend after he forced a vibrator into her private part without her consent.
Read more [here]

Whoa.. my soda burst! What the…..

From my understanding,

The man requested his girlfriend to use a vibrator while they have sex but was rejected. Numerous times! Mind you! Numerous times!! 

Talking bout perverse behavior..huh? -.-

Both of them had even quarreled a few times over the issue. Well, of course la!! You think she’s a piggy bank ka?? Main ‘masuk2’ jak?? Huhh! Men!!

The story goes...

One day, when the couple was having sex, the man took out a vibrator and put it into her private part without her knowing. He stopped when she complained of pain and quickly pulled out the vibrator and hid it, not knowing that the front part of the sex toy had broken off and was left in her vagina.

Owh innocent minds, sorry if I corrupted your innocent minds. But at least Now you know what a ‘vibrator’ is.. hehe..

Since then, the girlfriend had complained of pain in her vagina. Of course la kan..? If you have something stuck round your throat, wouldn’t it be uncomfortable? Geez!

She sought treatment three days later and was shocked when doctor told her that an object was found lodged in her vagina. 

If doctor said you have an apple stuck on your brain wouldn’t you be surprise?

Even monkeys would be surprise if you take their bananas away!

Well, okay.. Bad example…

But my point is….

If your girlfriend/boyfriend refuse to something, there must be a GOOD reason behind it right? Persons are not experiment toys! (Except if they consent to it) LOL


Owh, and anyway, the boyfriend is a medical student in his 30s..

A total DUMBO!

How would he like if she plunge a Humungous syringe up his butt! Hah! That would teach him!

Well, I leave the rest to all of you to decide… I believe you guys are wiser than this dumbo..

Shit! I got morning classes! Its 2am something.. & I have a date with my assignments..

Till next entries.. ^^ 

P/s: 'Play' safe children!



Rungitom said...

If a lady doesn't like it, then don't do it. No good doing it if she only feels pain.

Dewi Batrishya said...

Hahaha.. I second that motion..! ^^

razee.. said...

to all gurls,
never did this 'play thing'
with someone eventhough he's your bf.


lin said...

This is a corrupted medical student~~
Is it for his satisfaction? ~weird
I agree with you Dewi,let that man feels it too!
hehehehehe XD lol

syam said...

ew disgusting. stuff that thing in your own ass la ur dumbass pervert. ewwww ewwww ewwww

Dewi Batrishya said...

Hahahaha.. People are weird..
But this one is just plain stupid! >.<