Once upon a Story

There was a Girl. Who build up the highest wall,
For she didn't build it for fame. It was more like a defense. 
Keeping her safe from the meanest predator. 
From the evil of those who does not care or bother.
A world that would make her emotions swirls and twirls. 
From the harsh reality of the ugly world… 

The wall, shutting her from anything and everything. 
Shutting her from outside… Making her suffocate inside. 
But it kept her safe. It’s a place where no one could reach her. 
No one could hurt her.  

Sometimes, she climbs up the wall, peeking through the other side and envied what she saw… Human, what strange creature they are….
The humans even saw her too... Asked her to let them through. 
She hesitated a while. They made her think. Made her believe that it’s okay to let people in. That it’s ok to tear down the wall.  So she believed them. Their words seem convincing. Nothing could go wrong. That she would be secure and happy while she’s with them. 
So she tears down the wall. Into little, tiny pieces…   

One day, they all left her. She got nowhere to go and nobody to talk to. 
They all have abandoned her… She felt sad, betrayed, and then she looked back at the wall… what’s left of it… She cried, and was drowned in her sorrow. 
She knew she will be alone again tomorrow... 
But nothing that she can do. 
What is done, can never be undone… 
She trusted, and they break her faith…   

Human, she said, they will hurt you all the same. No matter why or how. 
Because they are all human. With self greed and egotistical nature. 
They can only think what’s best for themselves. 
If your existence does not profit them, you are next to non-existence.   

She knew all along how ugly and evil the world can be. 
She took a risk and the world failed her.  
Human had left her with those hopes, those empty promises…

Originally, From the One and Only:


razee.. said...

cite ni ade kene mengena ngan kamu ke?

agak sadis la kesah gadis tu..

Dewi Batrishya said...

HUaHuaHua.. I can relate to her.. >.<
Exam dah abes ke razee oi... :P
Sempat lak nak mengomen.. LOL

razee.. said...

blom exam la u..
lagi 2 weeks..
sje2 dtg melawat blog org..
pastu tinggal jejak sket..


syam said...

what are u..vampires lol.

p/s: the world doesnt revolve around one person and at the end of the day, its all about give and take coz life after all has never been fair nor that its easy =)

love u. muax!

Dewi Batrishya said...

Hahahaha.. Thanks Dear! ^^
Yes, I'm a vamp & I would like a spoon of blood in my coffee... Mwahahaha... ;P