The Longest Trip

Few days ago (?) i went for a trip organized by UiTM.

It was a week full of a lot of happenings and most importantly,
a lot of places to visit and interesting people to meet.

Day One:

3.00pm - we gathered in TESL Square and waited for the bus to come.

3.30pm - had lunch and still waiting.

4.10pm - the bus came and we upload all stuff into it.

4.15pm - Group photo in from of INTEC Library.


4.30pm - the long journey started.

It took us about 8 to 9 hours to reach UiTM Chendering.

To kill time,

We Posed!

We dribble the Keypad! (like mad)

We Slept! (for hours)


We Camwhore! XD


12.35am - we unload our bags, unpack our stuff and spend the 1st night in the Hostel.

Day Two:



7.00am - woke up, get ready for the 1st activity with school kids at the State Library.

The Library was HUGE!

almost like a shopping mall.

There are two separate cafeteria.

It's own auditorium/hall.

Few classrooms (for tuitions and seminars).

3 or 4 story high. (didn't have the chance to explore it though)

Our activity:

Our group was responsible of handling Year 1 to 3.

The kids were extremely shy at first.

But when the games started, the warmed up instantly.

We had fun figuring out the spellings. They laugh. Cute faces.
I took a mental photograph of everything. It was a memorable day.

My team won the best team. huhuhuhu...

We go "Quack, Quack, Quack" everytime we finished.. LOL.

Thanks to Sam for such wonderful games.

These are my kids: *Picture*

Clockwise: Syazmin, Arif, Me, Aufa,Yasmin and...

Naufal. :)


Mila took us touring around.

I think Tganu has the Biggest Mydin mall in Malaysia.

Then we went to Noor Arfa Batik House.

The batik artwork there is absolutely amazing.

The designs blew our mind away...

The texture is soft and unique.

World Class Production I dare say.

The company has been manufacturing Batik for the global market for more than 20 years.

But the price is, quite expensive.

2 meters Batik clothes may cost up to RM400 to RM600

But still, there are other affordable batik there with captivating designs.


5.30pm - we went back to hostel to freshen up.

6.00pm - our journey continued.

We stopped at Masjid Kristal (Crystal Mosque Kuala Terangganu)

Despite the controversy over the architect of the Mosque and other stuff,

This Mosque truly is one of a kind. It's remarkable on the inside as it is from the inside.

It is said that a Genie is roaming around it admiring its beauty and protecting it.

Wallahua'lam. (Only God knows).


9.oopm - We went to Dataran Shah Bandar.

At night, the place reminds me of UpTown Section 24 Shah Alam.

But the booths was not even half the size of UpTown 24. :P

The place is big. But we decided to not roam too far since we were very tired.

11.30 - we head back to Hostel.

Day Three:

Teluk Ketapang (TK) Here we c0me!!!!

TK is a famous Homestay spot in Terengganu.

We were there to help out with the cooking and cleaning.

Our programme consisted of a game of futsal and a visit to the orphanage home there.

But ironically, the Orphans were on a vacation at their relative's homes. (O.O)

and the Fields aren't in perfect condition for any sport activity accept gardening. XD

So we cooked and cleaned the area and we had the MOST DELICIOUS meal i've ever had in a LONGGGGG Time.


**Gmbr hiasan. :P**
We were too busy eating, couldn't stop for a picture. XD

(I still drool everytime I think about it.)

The menu:

Nasi putih (White Rice)

Ikan goreng (Fried fish)

Ikan masak kari (Curry Fish)

Ulam2 (Vege?)

Traditional Chips.

Sambal belacan (Belacan Paste)

Budu + Tempoyak


Fresh Guava for desert.


It was simple. But it tasted like home cooked meal. :)

We were told that The visitors mainly came from Singapore, Korea, Belanda, and all around Malaysia.


We went to Dataran Shah Bandar again but this time,

we specifically went to The most Famous Pasar Payang. (Payang Market)

There are thousands of stuff there.

You can find Batik, Souvenirs, Food, Books, etc...

I didn't buy anything though.

The place is full with just about everything.

So stuffy, with narrow pathway.

Makes me dizzy just browsing through.

There are cheap items around, you just have to find it in the right places.

That is, if you don't get lost. :P


I guess, that's it for now.

I'll share with you our trip to Lake Kenyir soon!

Take care Bebeh!! XD

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