A Day in a Life of a Perfect Student!

Couldn't sleep again.. 
and again.. and again.. and again..2pm ♥
Watched U-KISS VAMPIRE series..
Finally fell asleep around 9.30am today..
Mimi woke me up.. around 10.30am..
Was feeling rather lazy to move about..
Should I just skip the Business class today?..

Pillows and Bed told me to stay by their side.. 
Owh.. Comfy.. Comfy.. >.<
Heck! I forgot! It's our Formal Business Meeting today!!
What the..*tutttt* 
Class starts at 10.30am!!!!

Jumps down the double decker bed!
Almost broke my ankle.. Great.. 
Recharge my phone's flat battery..
Skip the shower..
Washed my face..
Pull out whatever I can grab from the closet..
Get into whatever that I can fit into..
Call out Mr.Chairperson.. 
Was in desperation to enquire bout the dangerous situation..
He sounded very Cool though.. wee~ should I be grateful or what?

Run towards the door.. while Brushing my teeth with an Apple.. *Ngee...
Wear my Sandals.. 
Run like Mad to the Faculty..
Glad the distance is only 3 minutes away! XD
Reached the Guard Post and smiled to the Guard.. NOT.. (-.-)"

Jumped the stairs like a Monkey freed from a zoo..
There were some spectators who've witnessed it..
They must've called the Asylum by then..
But I couldn't care less.. >.<
Desperate time needs Desperate measures..
Yeah! Call me a Desperado!
But at least I'm not going to extinct like a DoDo..
Uikk, they rhymes.. LOLOL..  XD

Happy to see the class for the very 1st time in my entire student life..
Walked in.. 
My group was having a discussion..
I tried to act cool..
They looked at me.. I looked at them..
Probably I looked like a monster? Perhaps.. (-.-)"
But hopefully a cute one.. hekhekhek..

Sat down..
Discussion continues..
Dumbfounded for a while..
Looking at the white board..
Tried hard to process the instructions left by the lecturer..
All I can think was..
U-KISS singing Man Man Hani which means, 'Easy for you' Btw.
Yeah.. today is really Man Man Hani.. 
I mean.. Man Man for Me.. so far.. GeGeGeGe..XD

Education juice kicks in..
Afore I know it, some serious sounding words came out my mouth..
Great.. this is real Man Man Hani.. I said to myself..
Discussion ends..
Finally the long awaited Formal Business Meeting..
Lovely lecturer sat with us to assess the affair..

I didn't have time to be nervous..
But words were stuck in my throat at times..
Perhaps it was the apples from before..?
Not quite sure..

Through with the meeting,
We 'managed it well' she said..
So, I think we've passed with flying colors on this assignment..! :D
Smiled broadly..
Look at each other with huge satisfaction..
Feeling like a Perfect Student all of a sudden..

That's all!

So yeah... My Song for today is Man Man Hani...
Play and admire the awesomeness!! Mwahahahaha...

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Jolly Good Mood!

OLa!!! :D
To share with you a little something, 
I slept for a WHOLE DAY on Sunday, 
hoping for my life-battery to be Recharge!
My wish came true when I slept at 12pm Saturday and woke up around...
11pm Sunday!(?)   WeeeHoooo!!! 
Did I break the world record?? LOLOL!!!

My Life Battery is fully Charged now... and as usual, I can't sleep... >.<
Well, Its kind of depressing not being able to sleep when you want to.. 
But its rather exhilarating to know that you can sleep 
twenty-four-seven-hours during weekends!! :P

So, what have I been up to?
Hiewhiewhiew..... ^^
I've been Laughing and Giggling the entire time.. hehe..

I'm in a Jolly Good Mood right now.. I wonder why?.. ^^
So, I decided to share with you my Jolly Good Mood Mode!! HuaHuaHua.. 

I picked the most random Videos from YOUTUBE
To brighten up your day!!
Click em' and tell me how you like em'...

P/s: I promise to put more than just a smile on your face this time!!

1st Vid:

* 'High' Fashion disaster...! *
Can't really Blame them... XD

2nd Vid:

1. Someone please save him.. XD
2. Hehe.. Is it that funny? LOL
3. How much winning must've mean to her.. :D
4. Python attack!!!! Must watch!!!

3rd Vid:

* Yes, he should be more professional..! But... *

U can find dozens of these funny videos (in YouTube especially).. ;)
These are certainly my favorites!! :D
I'm sure they'll come in handy when you need something to be cheerful about.. :)
Have a Great Day ahead!!! XD

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Once upon a Story

There was a Girl. Who build up the highest wall,
For she didn't build it for fame. It was more like a defense. 
Keeping her safe from the meanest predator. 
From the evil of those who does not care or bother.
A world that would make her emotions swirls and twirls. 
From the harsh reality of the ugly world… 

The wall, shutting her from anything and everything. 
Shutting her from outside… Making her suffocate inside. 
But it kept her safe. It’s a place where no one could reach her. 
No one could hurt her.  

Sometimes, she climbs up the wall, peeking through the other side and envied what she saw… Human, what strange creature they are….
The humans even saw her too... Asked her to let them through. 
She hesitated a while. They made her think. Made her believe that it’s okay to let people in. That it’s ok to tear down the wall.  So she believed them. Their words seem convincing. Nothing could go wrong. That she would be secure and happy while she’s with them. 
So she tears down the wall. Into little, tiny pieces…   

One day, they all left her. She got nowhere to go and nobody to talk to. 
They all have abandoned her… She felt sad, betrayed, and then she looked back at the wall… what’s left of it… She cried, and was drowned in her sorrow. 
She knew she will be alone again tomorrow... 
But nothing that she can do. 
What is done, can never be undone… 
She trusted, and they break her faith…   

Human, she said, they will hurt you all the same. No matter why or how. 
Because they are all human. With self greed and egotistical nature. 
They can only think what’s best for themselves. 
If your existence does not profit them, you are next to non-existence.   

She knew all along how ugly and evil the world can be. 
She took a risk and the world failed her.  
Human had left her with those hopes, those empty promises…

Originally, From the One and Only:

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Poems by heart - Part 4

I Dedicate this piece to dear Mr.Shah Alam Shah. XD
                                                                         Here Goes...

Oh Shah ALam Shah..
Shall I compare thee to a sauna?
where all my sweat pourin' like rain watah..
But to you, It doesn't seem to matter
You grew hotter, and hotter, and hottah..

Thanks to you, I realize i could take shower 10 times a day..
and our water bill Blew our mind away!
Even our make-ups mealts away
and my pimples happily Breaks away

Or Shah ALam shah,
Shall I compare thee to a boiler?
Where nobody seems to bother..
If I live or die dehydratah

Sometimes I think,
I might as well live under a carburetor..
Or be eaten by an aligator..

Thanks to you, I think my spirit grew stronger
even though my skin becomes sicker and sicker..

owh, my Shah alam Shah,
Shall I compare thee to an oven?
where people dont mind eatin' twenty-four-seven
Because their bodies suddenly becomes thin and even..

Even sleeping, I was like danzel in distress.
Until I undress.. Yeah, I had to undress,
Coz I don't wanna be having nightmares,
Don't wanna wake up, feeling Depressed..

I don't wanna be distasteful
But, I don't find u useful

Oh Shah Alam Shah..
I can't say its all your fault..
But complaining seems to be a cult..
& I find living under u is very difficult..

From the One and Only: DewiBatrishya®

*My "vocablulary" lists..  ^^

watah : water
hottah : hotter -.-
dehydratah: dehydrated
make-up : stuff we like to put on our face, 
to enhance beauty..(or so we thought..) -.-
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If you read my Last Entry, I posted something about ' Talentime'... 
u can check my entries on the right hand side under 'Random Things' :)

Since the karaoke competition received immense participation,

They (the organizers) decided to do a preliminary round to pick the best singer.


So, Like a Spartan that I am... I went to the Hall and Just Go for it…

During practice, I sang an easy song and managed to sing it well…

But it was a dull song.. and many contestant is singing the same song. *Boring~

So the reckless person that I am, I pick a more Fun but fast track to sing. 

I didn’t want to ‘Play safe’ and be ‘boring’…


Without any practice what-so-ever, I Jump to the stage… Snatch the microphone..

(I didn’t ‘jump’ & I didn’t ‘snatch’ anything… It was a hyperbole >.<)

Maybe because I got Hit by a Hockey stick during tournament last Saturday, I have become BOLDER(?)

HUahUaHua.. My forehead still stings!

DAMN YOU who-ever-you-are that HIT ME!!!

(Jk..Jk.. It was a rough game.. and I kind of ANTICIPATE people hitting my head hard with a Hockey Stick..!   Don’t worry, I STILL REMEMBER my NAME! >.< )

At least u didn’t hit me hard on my *Tutt*

THANK GOD for that!

HuaHuaHUa.. I’m Glad I don’t Have a Long *Tutt*!


So…. the music was on, I was feeling nervous ‘shitless’!

My hands were trembling like a mad cow! (Mad cows tremble don’t they? Whuteva..)-.-


It was nerve wrecking!

 I almost shit my pants! (seriously)

I almost lose my sight…

Swear I saw ‘B.Rain’ sitting among the audience!

 (Yeah, I might exaggerate a bit too much here) hehe..

 Well, what’s the verdict??



And the verdict is…………. *Drum Roll*




I Crash and Burn!! HUaHUaHUa..


Can you see me flying through the air?? 

Nope? Maybe u need to borrow Harry Potter's Glasses! >.<

Well, at least, I didn’t run away like a coward! Wakakak..

So, next time, IF I decide to do something stupid again, I have to make sure that I’m well prepared for it!

Duhhhh.. I would never do that.. coz it would NOT be FUN at all! Mwahahahaha..



Owh anyway, these are the songs that I sang..

-Park Shin Hye – without words

-Par Bom – You and I

Luv em’ Both!! ^^

Do google em’.. or  Youtuble em’

Yes, I have the word ‘youtuble’ in my dictionary.. >.<


Till my next reckless action! See ya!!   GeGeGeGeGe..


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I can't sleep.. (again).. BUT this time, I did something terrible! (T.T)

Knocks my head on the wall(paper?)!! (What's wrong with me??)

Let me share with you a random thing that I did..

I saw a poster in the faculty. Actually all I saw was B.Rain.. ^^ 

That was few weeks ago.

I didn’t go through the details coz I didn’t think it was important.. Only B.Rain was all I can remember.

Gosh…! His eyes can smile!! Weee~


Last week(?) Raff tagged me in FB saying bout some sort of -KPOP KARAOKE & DANCE COMPETITION

So we joked about it, laughed at the possibility that anyone of us joining it..

Coz you see, with everything that we have going on in the moment, we are CRAMMED with assignments, tests and other obligations.. >.<


+Neither of us are Fluent in Korean Language

+Neither of us are fully knowledgeable about kPop, except, MiMi..  kekeke..

+Neither of us have time to memorize all complicated Korean pronunciations

+Neither of us have time to rehearse for group dances


So, few days have passed since the discussion..

Life gets bored & Assignments were down to our throat..

I just got my tests results, and it was rather frustrating.. It wasn’t all bad, but like I said, It was frustrating! 

So, I was thinking of doing something extremely thrilling like Bungee Jumping or Speed Car Racing..

But I don’t know where to hang myself and I don’t even have a valid license.  *Sigh*

Even lying on the road and wait for a car to come will be rather challenging..?? (O.O)

So, I wander around ALONE  Sunway Pyramid due to Extreme Morbid Imagination..!

Jk.. Jk.. I was looking for a book.. >.<

In attempt to fill make this frustration go away, I surf the net (as usual) & again, As if FATED,

I Bumped into the same poster we discussed. [HERE]

At First.. I was like.. what the..??

Then I was like.. HaHaHa.. Funny looking people in it..

Erk! Rain!! How cool!

As I read through the whole details,

Things just got More interesting..


Ting! Something triggered inside my Beautiful Empty Mind!


Talking bout the random thing I did..............

I SUBMITTED(?) my participation form via e-mail provided. What the..?

So, now I have no choice but to sing a totally ALIEN song which I don’t even understand nor do I can pronounce properly..  (T.T)

It was like putting myself to be hanged in front of many people..

It was like eating an apple and choked while everyone was laughing..

It was like driving a car and stepping the peddle towards a building..

It was like doing a Bunjee Jumping!

Wee~ They rhymes don’t they? HakHakHak!

So, now, Will I come out of it victorious, looking like Victoria Secret Model?

♥ Miranda Kerr^^


Will I Crash and Burn??



P/S: Does anyone want to Jump into the Fire & Crash & Burn with me????? >.<

Come on people..!! Show me some LOVE!!


Or I can suddenly ‘disappear’ on that faithful day… ^^

Photo credit:



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"I'm going to the Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair"

I’m going! Yay! I’m Going!


Gatsby is a maker of beauty care products, specifically for men, and is owned by Osaka based Mandom Corp.

When I think of Gatsby, what pops into my mind??




Takuya Kimura!! A.K.A Kimutaku kun!!

For those who don’t know about him, he’s a Japanese, He’s an actor, He’s a singer, He’s My first crush!! (Dead honest here!) hikhik *BLush*

Couldn’t be bother about it? Shuh! Shuh! Go back to your cave! -.-

This is his Gatsby Biocore Deodorant Spray 30s Commercial!

Love it when he sprays that deodorant!! Hahaha.. so sexy bebeh!! Mwahahahah!!

So, what does all these have to do with Going to the Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair??

WELL, Dear readers!

Our Lovely Nuffnag, invited me (and you) to attend the super fun Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair


Date: 17th April 2010
Time: 10am till 5pm
Venue: Front Foyer, Ground Floor, Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur.


There are going to be lucky draws and we have various cool gadgets worth up to RM15,000 up for grabs!

Kaching!! ($.$) you got me there!! 


Among the exciting fun-fair games on that day :

1st- Sumo Wrestling (in air bag suits!)

Maybe you can see this!

OR This!

OR This!


Who knows?? ^^

2nd-  The Gladiator battles!!!

Yeah, shirtless men with their swords! Owh Yeah!!

Go shirtless men! I mean.. urm.. GO GLADIATOR!! wee~

Ehem! Ehem? Maybe not for this fair.. XD

This is more likely.. :D

P/s: No worries, I’ll enjoy seeing hot men knocking each others out!.. 

HUahuaHua!! XD

and..... other amusing and addictive games you would expect at a fun-fair is there!! YeeeHaaaa!!

More FUN Details?? 


-> www.gatsby.com.my/streetfair <-

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