Poems by heart - Part 3

There I go again.. 
Staring out in the darkness.. 
Asking myself the same old question.. 
“Why is that emptiness, 
Only attribute to solitude?"
Tumultuous mind of my.. 
Yearning only for thy.. 
I know I can’t fight. 
Even with all my might. 
If only there’s an insight, 
For me to see through thy heart..    
Hush now.. 
Turbulent in my heart.. 
How can I silence thee? 
I know how much it hurts.. 
Being unable to burst..   

You’re in pain.. 
Only I can understand.. 
Now, Silence is eating us alive.. Ripping us apart.. 
I can hear a song, of a broken heart..

From the One and Only: DewiBatrishya®


razee.. said...

amende nih..?

skrip scene monyet lawan katak dlm cite dragonball ke?

ni btol dr hati ea..?

gile, hebat kamu..

thumbs up 4 u

Dewi Batrishya said...

Ade ke monyet lwn katak dlm dragon ball? hukhuk
Ha'ah.. dari hati.. harap2 turun ke hati gak..
Anyway, thanks for readin' ^^
(wlaupun xpaham sgt).. huahua..

razee.. said...

bace ni mmg ta paham..
tp nk bace gak..
igt kan ade yg boley tangkap,
tp sepatah haram pon ta paham..

bkn ta paham pekataan,
tp susunan pekataan tu membuatkan ia rumit dan otak saye bkn jenis puitis.

kalo mende engineering mybe buleh tgkp la kot..

Dewi Batrishya said...

huhu. mekaseyh sbb mcuba..
mmg complicated cket kalo bab hati ni.. huhu..

Raf Rafail said...

weeee..bird chantek sungguh poem kamu. suka sgt sy membacanya =)

Dewi Batrishya said...

Thanks Raffa.. ^^