Where I Belong...

So here I am. 
LIVE from our House in Shah Alam.
Alone without anyone... 
Oddly, I feel so idle.
Battling a sudden illness.... *sigh*

This headache & fever come-n-go as it wishes... 
Seriously killing me softly..

Went to the Clinic & the verdict?
"Post Exam Fever" =.='
Yeah, I guess, that could be the problem..

Just finished our exam & I haven't been eating properly.
Thus, came the Major Headache. 
(seriously think that my head was gonna explode! 
or at least, split into two)

The medicine? 
Pain killer for my Headache.. & Camgesic for my muscles?
well, whatever it is, it is working somehow.
Thanks Doc!

Thanks Zatie & Shaz for getting all worried..
They are cuter when they care.. hehe..

Thanks Kak Zai & her friend
for forcing me to go to the clinic when
 I barely have the energy to move.

I'm missing home..
will be going back approximately 24 hours from now.

What do I expect?
KK welcomes me with the friendliness of it's people..
The marvels of its architecture..
The beauty of its nature..


what I need the most?

A warm hug from my mom..
The Laughs & silly bullying from my brothers..
The delicious delicacies that awaits me.

Here is
 something I wrote few days ago:

I guess I must've miss home so much.. hehe..

WARNING: This might sound cliche.. eheks.. :)
Reach Out your hand..

Take me to the safest Place..
Where everyone accepts me.

Where no one can hurt me.

Make me feel safe in your arms..

Hold me tight..

Hug me close..
Sweep away my tears..

Shoo away my fears..

Chase away the ghost.

Give me what i yearn the most..

To be in your arms again..

The Place where I feel safe the most..

Home is where I belong: DewiBatrishya®

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Almost Cried in KTM!

Few days ago, I went out on a date with my DarLing Girlfriends...

While waiting for the KTM to come & sweep us away to FUN-Land, 


Something grabbed my attention:

Owh.. what’s that lovely Pink Thingy…


Owh, look, there’s more…


LOL! IT’S THE “Ladies Coach!” 


It comes with different Language also! 

Ouh.. so CooL!


Then we went in the Train & it was crowded as usual. But I smiled.. “atleast I am safe with the company of only females”.. I thought to myself..

“No more ‘unintended’ booty touching!” “No more ‘unintended’ booby rubbing!” “No more sweaty, heavy-breathing-down-your-neck pricking pervert!”


Yeah.. I can breath a sigh of relief now..

“HaHaHaHa..” a Guy laughed. 

He was sitting, & one Lady near him was standing.


Aikk?!  was my mind playing a trick on me just now? 

Wasn’t this supposed to be a ‘Ladies Coach’. What’s a dick doing here anyway? 

Sitting & Laughing with his girlfriend while one Lady just stands there, & grabbing on to a chair he was sitting to keep her balance?



 Perhaps, he was protecting her girlfriend from lecherous female predators....


Poor Lady, she took off few stations later.


I felt bad not being able to help her. 

I didn’t feel comfortable yelling from afar & grabbing people’s attention towards ‘The Guy’ or towards me… 

I don’t need that kind of Drama & I wouldn’t want anyone to stamp on my dignity in front of the public!



Do we need to yell and tell ‘guys’ to berambus a.k.a ‘get the hell out’ in front of their face? Nope, I wouldn’t do that.. I believe WE, Malaysians are more Courteous than that.


But where goes all your courtesy as a man to a woman? Shame on you.. 

It was a ‘Ladies Coach’ for GOD sake. Bad enough you took a wrong coach & we didn’t say anything. 

You sat & play dumb when clearly a Lady needs a sit. Gosh!




Here’s another faggot!


Then there was this one ‘Sandwich’ moment.



If I were on her shoes. I would feel like crying! Not because I’m a cry-Baby!

Because my right for a comfort, and security had been taken away from me!




Seriously Gentlemen, You haven’t heard of ‘Ladies Couch’? 

Never Read em’ anywhere? Or you Just don’t Care??



It’s the headline in every freaking major news paper in Malaysia!! Don’t read newspaper? 

I am freaking sure u log in FB? Yes! It’s there also!!




 Here is all that you need to know about Ladies Coach:

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Berita Harian Online! 

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