m0rning blabber again...


I guess you can never truly forget that one person whom
you first open up to..
That one person who managed to break down your invisible wall..
who let down his guards for you..
who tried to be someone better for you..
Who loves you despite all your flaws..


Even after years have passed,
you still think about this person.

No matter what happens in life,
you still remember this person.

A person who lives in your bitter-sweet memories..
A person who wont leave even after you ask em to..
A person who stays in your heart, even if you don't want em to..

You try to convince yourself...
Time and time again...
That without em, you are ok..
That without em, you will be fine..
That without em, you can be happy..

Eventually, you believe in all that.
But then, there comes the time again...
where your heart yearns for this one person..
u are brought back in time
to those bitter sweet memories..

you realize,
this person will always be there
after leaving a mark in your heart.

you've found someone else..
You are happy..
But sometimes you ask yourself, do you?

That is when all reality falls apart..
When you decide to live in the past.
you find it hard to face the present
and the future becomes uncertain...

In the end..
all we want is to be Happy..


Lets be Happy..
No matter what the future may be...


As for me,
He was my very first special
My Hero..
My superman..

Cliché huh?

Well yes,
Love is all about Clichés..



If you can't feel it deep in your heart..
You are missing a lot in life.
That much I can say.

Whatever it is...
Lets move on!

Right you are Einstein!!


Cherish the past..
Embrace the present..
& Celebrate the Future!

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Goodbye is Hard.

Last Day in SMKP..
Can't truly describe the feeling..
I want to be with them and get to know them more..
I want to take pictures and make tons of fun memories..
I want to sing and dance and have a good time..
I want to leave them with things to cherish..

Too bad Time is Running Out.
We all have to move on
at some point of our lives.. :')

They taught me how to Laugh
They taught me how to LOVE
They taught me how to be Happy
to be Brave when I'm truly weary..

They taught me to not give up
to smile and put my chin up
to believe in them when they least expect..
They taught me how to respect

They taught me to be Calm
They taught me to be Cool
most of all they taught me how to be
the Best that I can be...

Lets just leave it to time...
Until we meet again,

My Dearest students!

Millions of LOVE,
Miss.D 2011

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I can't sleep
for my heart would not let me
My thoughts wander about..
silently then violently
My heart beats certain..
steadily then quickly

I'm battling my own war
a war too often I fought
Wondering how long can I keep up
This struggle is greater than I thought

Calm now my heart
For I will heal the sorrow
Hush now my thoughts
There will be a better tomorrow..

Originally by: DewiBatrishya®

Thanks: CAMXAVIER for the Photo!

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Counting the Days

STill a few days more before I leave everything in memories...

I am truly going to miss everything...

The smiles, the tears, the laughter..

Those faces... Those looks... Those attitudes... haha

Each moments taught me about life.. about people.. about myself..

Such a bittersweet journey..

I'm not ready to say good bye yet...

~ Beginnings are usually scary, and endings are usually sad but it's everything in between that makes it all worth living ~

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