Raya 2011

After weeks of teaching..
My 'batery' was running low...

A g00d Raya Holiday is just what I need to 'RecHarge' myself. :)
FYI: Raya is Eid Celebration. ^^

Till this moment,
I haven't STOP celebrating since the very first Day of Raya... haha

I had a 'FULLBLAST-RAYA' of eating and laughing
and reunions and open houses for

It was H.E.A.V.E.N !!

I did caught and immortalized some of the act in pictures... LOLOL..
Lemme walk you through my Raya Celebration this year. ;)

1st Day..
Usual r0utine..
Visiting the person we love the most... my dad

A bouquet for him.. and his favourite Orchid..

As usual, Shedding few tears were like my annual ritual... XD
Gosh! I missed him.. a lot. Especially in a Day like this...

" So the living keeps on living by keep on moving "

We spent the NEXT few days..

Visiting Far and Near Relatives.......

Children and adults alike,
we enjoyed playing with fireworks...

and we ENJOYed
collecting 'duit raya'
a.k.a (raya money packets)..


--My 'collection' is still 'decent' this year!-- XD

We had few Family Gatherings...

while enjoying Awes0me f00d~

During Holidays such as this,
Few of my Friends got engaged,
and few of the many Got Married! :D

---Sheila's Wedding---

---Finie's Wedding---

---Zana's E-Day---

BUT the best part about Raya is that,
we got the chance to meet Old friends...


Some of us met during high school...
and became best friends since..

Some of us have known each other since we were
'8 years Old'.....
Who would've known that we'd still laugh at the same silly jokes after 15years later... =D

I am truly grateful for this year's Eid/Raya Celebration.

A special year for me..

Now, I'm 'mustering' all strengths and focus towards finishing my practicum Days..

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Pray that I'll do better ! !
Pray that my journey be easy and smooth ..
Pray that this will be the most amazing experience of my life ..
Pray that My Students gained something from me ..
Pray that I can give n0thing but the Best for my students ..
Pray that I'll fell in love, head over heels with this profession ..
Pray that I can end these few weeks with a BANG !!

Till then, Ciao!

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