International Inline Hockey Tournament!

For those who might be wondering what the heck Inline Hockey is, 
Here’s a brief tutorial for you guys… 

Inline hockey, like other hockey game, is like hockey game..But not like other hockey game.. 

Got it??

I guess NOT… -.-


"In-line hockey is a high energy impact sport played with a puck and Hockey sticks, similar to Ice Hockey, played on a smooth, dry flat surface, with the main difference, being that the players are on Inline skates / Rollerblades instead of Ice-skates. Unlike Field Hockey, the hockey sticks are the same as used on Ice, and both sides of the blade may be used. Surfaces may vary from anything from concrete, cement, parquet, tarmac, or any rink surface. Full protective gear is utilized including helmets, knee and shin guards, and elbow pads and gloves." :D

Well, there’s an International Inline Hockey Tournament held in Malaysia! Hip-Hip-Horay!

The match is between 5 countries:

1.       Malaysia

2.       Singapore

3.       Indonesia

4.       Philippines

5.       Hong Kong, China.

So?  What’s the BiG Deal?

Well, you see, 
Brigette, Zuan, Raffail &Me 
Went to this tournament, to fill our “Free Friday”… 

Objective: to watch something we’ve never witness before on Planet Earth 

Since this game is NEW and ALIEN to us, 
we were hoping to see something EXTRA-ORDINARY…  

So we arrived at Sports Plaza. Lot 14. Jln Bersatu, Sec 13/4 PJ. 
To be welcomed by Hard core fan cheering, sound of clashing hockey sticks, 
and people shouting aloud. 

Sounded like a fight was going to erupt!  YeeHaa! 
That’s something we look forward to seeing!

So we rushed inside the hall and the match was on! 
No signs of people killing each other..

Oddly, we felt kinda disappointed…. I mean, I was.. :b 

Maybe I was hoping to see some Blood being shed! Just like in the Mafia movies...

Since this was my first time… 
Honestly, I found it rather unique& exhilarating.. 

Super intensity, speed and power! 
My heart is pumping like mad! Lucky didn’t catch a heart attack LOLOL! :D 

Everyone seemed to enjoy the game and they looked like they were having Fun!  

Then, Jitt introduced us to Steve!
He was great! A Talented Player! Super Humble & Sweet…! 
Awwh.. *warm heart reaction!*  >.< 

P/s: No photos were taken with any of the players during this whole event so as to keep the Players Focus! 

So, I got no photo of Our Dear Steve to show off.. Hohohoho..   

It has been so long since I watch Live matches… 
I used to get addicted to watching those matches. 
Objective was:  
To observe their techniques... & to Envy those MVP’s (O.O) 

P/s: MVP : (Most Valuable Players) 

You see, I used to be active in Hockey sport... 
That was… 
Once upon a time… 

Heck!  The last Hockey match I was involved was in 2009… 
I feel so ANCIENT now..

I miss those memories...

Somehow I feel, this tournament reminds me of my outing with my Bro.  
We used to go watch live hockey match around KK. 
The last match we saw was in UMS, Sabah. 

Actually I dragged him along because I was so jealous of his free time. ^^  

I wonder why Shah Alam is so quiet… Is it supposed to be like this? 
You can hear crickets sing when you walk out the house… 
Yaiks! Where did all the fun go?? 
Oh well... Nvm..   

 I don’t know which part about hockey that makes me tick. 

Maybe it’s the shoving and hitting hard thing… hahah! 
Or maybe it’s the adrenalin rush and the satisfaction you get out of it. :) 
Or maybe it’s the Super HOT Guys you just cant get enough of.. *Chuckle* 
Or maybe because I’m into sport and I adore Healthy living.. (Rite…) Hahah!  

Its like an anger management problem.. (not that I have any.. :b) 
Hockey game releases stress and according to Steven.. 
"It burns your calories like Magic!" ^^  

As usual, I eye out MVPs in matches... 

Can’t help it! Bad Habit Die Hard! Hahah! 

No.8, From Hong Kong really caught my attention! 
He must’ve been practicing since a child!

I wish I could play as well as he did! 
Now I am INSANELY Jealous! 

The benefit of Inline hockey is that you can play it practically anywhere, 
in parks, on basketball courts, and even on secluded roads, 

Well, for those who’s still looking for something challenging, 
YOU might’ve just Find your SOUL MATE!! 

Try it out.. Practice Hard! And maybe… you might be MY NEXT MVP! LOL!

Here's some pics of the tournament:

Its us! Jitt is taking the Photo! :)
Pics Credits to:
And my Lovely, Brigette. :)

P/s: The Tournament is still on! Get the Details, Click here:


Ejit88 said...

thank you my lovely bird! XOXO

zuan said...

if u bird... i think it’s the 'Super HOT Guys' tht makes ur saliva drips non-stop! haha, n yeah!!! No.8 frm Hong Kong team is fucking amazing... WOW~

Dewi Batrishya said...

Jitt : :D
Zuan: haha.. They were definately HOT.. :P
especially without their shirts on.. ;b

d1n0za said...

Whoa! I wanna try this sport! wish I could have gone and watch. So far I'm dedicated to Ultimate Frisbee.

Dewi Batrishya said...

HUhu.. Its all speed! Its fun! ^^
Thanks for readin' n commenting. ^^