I can't sleep.. (again).. BUT this time, I did something terrible! (T.T)

Knocks my head on the wall(paper?)!! (What's wrong with me??)

Let me share with you a random thing that I did..

I saw a poster in the faculty. Actually all I saw was B.Rain.. ^^ 

That was few weeks ago.

I didn’t go through the details coz I didn’t think it was important.. Only B.Rain was all I can remember.

Gosh…! His eyes can smile!! Weee~


Last week(?) Raff tagged me in FB saying bout some sort of -KPOP KARAOKE & DANCE COMPETITION

So we joked about it, laughed at the possibility that anyone of us joining it..

Coz you see, with everything that we have going on in the moment, we are CRAMMED with assignments, tests and other obligations.. >.<


+Neither of us are Fluent in Korean Language

+Neither of us are fully knowledgeable about kPop, except, MiMi..  kekeke..

+Neither of us have time to memorize all complicated Korean pronunciations

+Neither of us have time to rehearse for group dances


So, few days have passed since the discussion..

Life gets bored & Assignments were down to our throat..

I just got my tests results, and it was rather frustrating.. It wasn’t all bad, but like I said, It was frustrating! 

So, I was thinking of doing something extremely thrilling like Bungee Jumping or Speed Car Racing..

But I don’t know where to hang myself and I don’t even have a valid license.  *Sigh*

Even lying on the road and wait for a car to come will be rather challenging..?? (O.O)

So, I wander around ALONE  Sunway Pyramid due to Extreme Morbid Imagination..!

Jk.. Jk.. I was looking for a book.. >.<

In attempt to fill make this frustration go away, I surf the net (as usual) & again, As if FATED,

I Bumped into the same poster we discussed. [HERE]

At First.. I was like.. what the..??

Then I was like.. HaHaHa.. Funny looking people in it..

Erk! Rain!! How cool!

As I read through the whole details,

Things just got More interesting..


Ting! Something triggered inside my Beautiful Empty Mind!


Talking bout the random thing I did..............

I SUBMITTED(?) my participation form via e-mail provided. What the..?

So, now I have no choice but to sing a totally ALIEN song which I don’t even understand nor do I can pronounce properly..  (T.T)

It was like putting myself to be hanged in front of many people..

It was like eating an apple and choked while everyone was laughing..

It was like driving a car and stepping the peddle towards a building..

It was like doing a Bunjee Jumping!

Wee~ They rhymes don’t they? HakHakHak!

So, now, Will I come out of it victorious, looking like Victoria Secret Model?

♥ Miranda Kerr^^


Will I Crash and Burn??



P/S: Does anyone want to Jump into the Fire & Crash & Burn with me????? >.<

Come on people..!! Show me some LOVE!!


Or I can suddenly ‘disappear’ on that faithful day… ^^

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Rungitom said...

If you never try, you will never know. You go girl~

zuan said...

gv it a try... go bird.

Dewi Batrishya said...

Thank you.. Thank you.. Thank you..^^
Shit! Im so terrified!
Zuan, come & support me la.. >.<

Fanzi said...

Dewey, I support you... go for it.. dance for us..

Dewi Batrishya said...

huahuahua.. I can't dance alone!!
I'll Die of Embarrassment!! >.<
I'll Just sing one song and get the Hell out of there A.S.A.P!!
Thanks 4 ur support! gegegegege~

syam said...


Dewi Batrishya said...

Indeed, I am.. Thank you very much! >.<

DierdreTheseira said...

Bestnya the Kpop thingy! So, did you go for it?? Hehhehe