1st Entry (^^)

TaaDa!! Now I have a "BLOG-thingy!"
All thanks to all my fwends who made me JeaLous by flaunting their bLogs!!
"Na-Na-Na-Na-Na~ I Have a BLog~" so they aways say.. -.-" Grrrr.. 
(Quite a Friends I have..) *SigH*

Well, Its not OFFICIAL yet.. 
(I might change my mind, n deactivate my account) Hurm..
HOWEVER.. This BLOG is still under-construction!!  :D

My 1st time.. Ngee~ *BLush2*
I may need some help.. (I AM NOT technology savvy) hehe..
I do need ppl to read my stuff..
(Don't I?)

So, My preciOus friends, pls do help yOur sweet-little-hopeless-cute-friend.. PLeaseeee?? *Wink2* eheeeee..
JUZ-TELL-ME-WHAT-TO-DO.. so that this blog-thingy become something enjoyable.. ekekeke..

Can't wait to explore.. Heard that I can become Filthy-Rich by Just-BLOGGING! Is that true? ($.$) LoL!
I like the sound of that... FiLthy-RicH!! ($.$) wee~

Well, Need to work on the 'construction' of this BLog.. ^^
Owh, and.. Happy Chinese New Year! Happy V Day~ SpreaD the Love!! YeeeHaaaa!!



Fanzi said...


Just write (type) as many posts as possible.


Dewi Batrishya said...

(T.T).. wowowowo
as many posts as possible...?
Mission impossible... huhu

Inilah~Barisan kita~ ehehehehe
will do! (tgk la kalo rajin).. :P

TQ Funzy!! (^^)

Dict MFG said...

1 thing: write about ANYTHING. Even if it's about your cat taking sh*t in your shoe XD


Dewi Batrishya said...

Well.. I don't have a cat.. so, I don't have to worry about em' using my shoes as public toilet.. ^^
But, I DO have to worry if those crows hold grudges against me n are planning on using my head as their public dumping site! Yikes! Better watch out!

Neways! Thanks for commenting...
Makes me feel Luved! n appreciated! ekekeke
(^^) Till my next entry..
ToodLe-ToodLy-Do.. (means: Good bye) -.-

syam said...

so the conclusion is ...the key to be successful in blogging is to update regularly. it doesnt matter its a long entry or not..just keep updating. BUT if your purpose is just to blog for fun. update whenever u feel u want to..after all, its ur blog :D

Dewi Batrishya said...

YeeHaa! Words of wisdom from a senior of blogging school! *wink2*
TQ Syam-Chan!! ehek..

I'll write whatever cross my mind.. n heart.. ahaks!
So, secret or no secret, things will spread!
Hearts will break! Mwahahahaha

I hope to get as many readers as possible.. ^^ Hopefully..
Theres lotsa things to share! N lotsa secret to be told! :P

TQ 4 ur support! ^^ wee~