Mines in Wonderland HOAX!

I wonder why this entry took me some time to publish.. Gee.. 
WARNING: This is going to be a Long Entry.. (-.-)

YOU see, 
since its public holiday and everything, me and my friends decided to fill 
this merry-little-holiday we have by ‘pretending to be tourist’. 
Decided to take a dream-holiday in a fantasy land of mines in WONDERLAND! Yay! Clap2! Ngee~ 

Hurm, let see, the night before, excited, browsed through the net searching for Mines wonderland Malaysia. http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/mineswonderland.html

Mines Wonderland Night Theme Park

Mines Wonderland Night Theme Park in Seri Kembangan, about 35 minutes drive from the city of Kuala Lumpur. A suggested time that you could spend here is 4 hours as there are many attractions to cover. There is something for everyone in the family. Your entire family will be able to enjoy 

1.   the cruise on the 150 acres open cast mining lake,
2.   ride on the vintage car, 
3.   hop on the road tram that will take you on a ride along the park, 
4.   ride on a train that takes you on the part of the garden that will enable you to see the creatures that are being kept here, 
5.   go to the ice factory that is freezing cold and see the scupture of ice on display here, 
6.   see the endanger White Bengal Tiger that roams freely on the enclosed area as you walk on the bridge, 
7.   see the cultural show from East Malaysia and the musical fountain which is the highlight of the day.

It looks kinda promising. I got all excited!

A WONDERFUL DAY, To go to a Wonderland.. It was Friday..                                                                         (19th Feb 2010)

1st, lets try the 1st thing in the list, the cruise on the 150 acres open cast mining lake.

The cruise was short and was a good opening after all.
(Because I was cruising with fun-loving people: such as., my Friends!!)

Imagine riding a boat with bunch of strangers, and you can hearcrickets sing…
That would be boring wouldn’t it??
 Well, 4 me, it is!

The house looked like a mini castle.. How much does it cost? ($.$)


Train Ride, Road Tram and Vintage Car

Your children will enjoy the rides that are available at regular interval in this park. Try the Unity Train ride that takes you around the park. You will be able to see the garden and the animals that are kept here. The Road Tram ride is a choo-choo train that moves on the road that will enable you to see the other side of the park. Go back to the automotive age by going on the Vintage Car that takes you around a lake and a beautifully landscaped garden.

Hop on the Unity Train ride near the entrance of the park.

Yeah rite.. IT DID NOT EXIST! Or I was Temporarily Blind! (O.O)

The Road Tram choo-choo train.

Still no sign of its’ existence! (O.O) 
Unfortunately, it’s under maintenance.
 I guess Vintage-Cars need Rest too!

While we explore through the wonderland... We started to wander around.. And we wonder, and ponder… and mother f*****.. we got bored! How is that even possible??? 


Ice Factory

Experience extreme cold temperature in tropical Malaysia. With a temperature of between -10 °C to -15 °C, this 10,000 square feet Ice Factory is the first winter wonderland in Malaysia. See the many ice sculptures of animals, fish, chairs and other interesting models here. Remember to wear your winter jacket that is available at the entrance to this place. You will probably spend about 15 minutes at most in this place due to the cold temperature here.

An ice sculpture on display at the Ice Factory

Guess what?? IT IS Under Maintenance.. !!
I guess, its really NOT meant for Malaysian climate after all.. *Sigh* 

If everything is under maintenance why bother to “Open”?? 

My opinion as a concern citizen:
1.   CLOSE the damn mines because it is NOT-SO-freaking-WONDERLAND!!
2.   Fix everything up! Then make a Grand Opening! 
3.   Advertise it via Radio or TV or News Papers.. etc… 
4.   Invite clowns or something.. 
5.   Attract tourist to come. Give em’ holiday packages or something.. 
6.   Then, tell the whole world that it’s a freaking WONDERLAND! 

Damn it! High Blood pressure… 
I need a pause.. 

A pause… 


A pause… 


There was almost nothing available to see after that, the only thing worth watching next is the Musical Fountain and the Laser show. Well, we have something else to get excited about… and, There’s still the Bengal Tiger….. and the animals….. But that is NOT what we wanted to see…

Bengal Tiger

If I wanted to see animals, I’d go live with freakin’ Tarzan! 

9pm – The most awaited event of all, The musical fountain & the laser show..
Was hoping for something spectacular since we paid Loads of money to watch it! 

The show was around 15 minutes or so.. 
And I was excited for the 1st 2minutes.. Then.. it struck me!
It would NOT be a waste of money if I used up all the money to watch a MOVIE which last for more than an hour! 

But, well, u know what they say… “Its not a total lost if u get a 1st hand experience in it”.. well, somehow, there’s got to be truth in that.. I am glad that I came with a group of friends who just love to have fun..   

So, Yeah, this is my friggin’ experience, and it was friggin’ unbelievable…

Picture credit to:
and youtube.com


luxperpetua said...

haih..kesian plak kat korang.
under maintainance due to global warming, maybe? the ice melts i guess. LOL

many other interesting places here.
lets plan for another trip!
but be sure i can join u guys.coz
felt touched when i saw your n jit's pic.
so schweet..aww (:

Dewi Batrishya said...

Aisehmen... kekeke..
Sure! Msia got dozens of interesting places! ^^
Lets plan for another one.. :D
U Lead! I'll follow! hahaha (^~)

zuan said...

i tot its gonna be fun... u knw wht bad the trip was bird... a fugly trip.

Dewi Batrishya said...

Hahaha.. Freakin' Fugly Trip.. :b

Fanzi said...

at first i was like, "damn, i couldn't join them to Mines.. so jealous..".. but then i changed my mind... (after reading this post...) hahaha..

Dewi Batrishya said...

Hahaha.. But we were happy! :)
Is just that, the experience wasn't what we had hoped for. :(
After all, we spent the day TOGETHER n NOT ALONE.. :b

luxperpetua said...

tell me where u wanna go?
i've been thinking about langkawi..or maybe an island.
but it needs quite a lot of preparation.

Dewi Batrishya said...

Haha.. I don't mind all the hard work!
Just as long as it's gonna be worth the experience! :D
not 4getting "worth every damn penny"! :b
Well, when it's confirmed, u can Count me in! (^^)

Nerojei said...

Funny!! Now I've got somewhere not-to-go to. :D

Suits its name well, a wonderland, in the end you just end up wondering, what the hell was that about actually?

Dewi Batrishya said...

Hahahaha.. Soooooo TRUE!

syam said...


pls pls pls pls pls.

Dewi Batrishya said...


Its a promise! :D

kenwooi said...

i've never been to mines for a long long time already.. dont really like the place, nothing much also =P

Malaysian Justice said...

A good one!

Jessy said...

I been to mines, 10 yeaars ago. Haha! as i remember it wasnt tat nice, nothing much to play. But thankfully i went during lantern festivals, so there's alot of lights to seee at least. haha!

Voon said...

d musical fountain looks nice!