Our Perfect Escape!

Went out with my Girls yesterday²   (^^)

Destination: Sunway Pyramid (SunPy)  
Objective: watch movies! Pestering around SunPy

The ticket counter hall was FILLED with people of different sizes, colors, height, weight… &; there seems to be lacking in moral/ self-control capacity among some people. Maybe it’s the valentine mood or it’s the “mating-season”. I don’t know. Couples were busy lining up, giggling, smiling, touching, and… touching... and touching... I don’t mind it. Really! Poor kid who witnesses such conduct... they should be ashamed of themselves... (I mean, the couples, not the children)

No wonder the social illness rate is getting higher every year. People can’t even control themselves in public. Don’t even bother to think about others BUT themselves! And poor citizen like me can’t do anything to make things better… *sigh* I wish I was an Eraser-woman… Erasing scum in split seconds...

HOWEVER, I don’t have anything against people showing their affection towards each other. ^^

Well, when we finally reached the counter, most of the movie we wanted to watch was already SOLD OUT! Luckily “Valentines Day’s” tickets were still available. ^^ At least we weren’t left with total despair… However, we had to wait hours b4 ‘the eye-feasting’ ceremony.

Decided to fill our rambling stomach. So we headed to “Manhattan Fish sthg…” The menu was quite mouth watering… But the drinks were damn expensive I think! RM2.50 for freakin’ water! Aigoo~
Needed some water to swallow down my medicine, I decided to buy some mineral water which cost me RM1.30. Thank God! Never been happier to find cheap water! Wakakaka!

1st pic on the left: waiting 4 the train to come fetch our weary souls 
(while my bebeh Syam caresses my weary head)
2nd pic on the left: Calculating the receipt (because our mom said: "NEVER trust ur receipt especially if its expensive!" *kiddin* hehe.. X_X
Centre Pict: while waiting for the servings (Ash n Zati)
Last Pic on the Right: Mouth watering Food.. Served in a 'Snow-Shovel' like pan.. wee~

The servings arrived! And we dig in! Thank God for the seafood! Hip-Hip-Hooray! Eventually, we went out with a Happy Tummy! ^^

Then, the pestering around SunPy begins! We went in and out of shops. Tried on few items… Shoes, bags, clothes, accessories… Just the usual GurLy-GurL stuff… was feeling happy, and as usual, I lose control of myself and started to get a little crazy... 
(I should be ashamed of myself) -.-

Pic on top: 4 Gorgeous Ladies! Me n my Cheap mineral water! ahaks!
Bottom pic: Checkin' Out the Usual GirLy GurL Stuff!

Pics: Really went mad over those Heels! Mwahh! Just Lovely!

Eat BURGER KING… owh-so-Sadap!! I Luv them fries! LoL! 
Tasty as can be… ^^

Watched “Valentines Day” and liked the story line and the casts… ^^ 
I STRONGLY RECOMMEND… people (with fair judgement) to watch this heart-warming movie.
Teenagers (with Hormonal Imbalance) shouldn’t try watching.

May cause these symptoms:
1.       Sweaty palm
2.       Wild imagination
3.       Over excited feeling
4.       Growing toing-toing-toing… (This point is open for any interpretation) -.-“

Well, whatever you watch is NONE of my Business anyway, But… Don’t say I didn’t warn… Enjoy!


syam said...

4. Growing toing-toing-toing…

Mcm 18sx ja blog ko ni tau -.-

luv the food! I want to go out and eat and watch movies ONLY again and again and again. smpai abis duit.

love the piccas but try to make 'em bigger.

Dewi Batrishya said...

18sx pun wokeh.. Mwahahaha
Sushi King next time? :D
Haha.. Thanks 4 reading n commenting!

Nerojei said...

Growing toing-toing-toing? What???
Reminds me of The Ding Dong Song by Gunther. :p
Good news.
You're officially Eraser Woman from today on.

Dewi Batrishya said...

Thanks! I'll keep that in mind..
Call me up when u need to erase some scum.. :P
Thanks 4 reading n commenting!

rainBow said...

:) haha funny :P

Fanzi said...

i like this post..

wanna watch Valentine's Day also..

wanna grow my toing-toing-toing... lol....

Dewi Batrishya said...

Hahahahaha.. FunZy.. Funzy.. :P
TQ RainBow.. ^^

syam said...

sushi king bida. sakae sushi. a must!

Dewi Batrishya said...

HUhu.. Sushi!! Meoww..
I think I'm becoming a seafood lover! Nguhahahah..
Sakae Sushi it is!! ^^