Poems by heart - Part 2

Shhhh… Can u keep a secret? 
Keep it close to thy heart.. 
Not giving away hints when thou are outsmart.. 
Because this is the matter of the heart..
Something long to be discard, 
But kept, because it’s impossible to discharge..  

My sudden Epiphany of what is dear to my soul. 
Clenching its fists though my all.. 
Throbbing thy mind and start a brawl 
Seducing curiosity to broil..
Still, the secret prowl.. 
Not shaken by mere scream nor scold..   

I kept it concealed in a secret land. 
I can't hope for thou to grasp nor understand.. 
Because I leave no room for a landing hand,
 There's no space for thou in my secret land..

It is locked in a secret compartment; 
Only approached through stealthy negotiation. 
It is like a lifetime agreement.. 
Can only be reveal through covert action..  

I flew up the dark skies, screaming in despise.. 
And sees beyond, getting no respond. 
I could never tell... Even if I yell. 
Then the secrets became fond, 
Then it lingers on..   

Now that I look at it.. 
Its the darkest side of human spirit.. 
Where no soul can take a visit.. 
Nobody shall credit nor give merits.   

It takes skills of clandestine intelligence,
To steadily walk through darkness.. 
It scared me, those voices, 
Of devils and the angels..

Just like beggars
in filthy clothes and covered in dust, 
Filthy by money, by blood and by lust. 
Hiding behind Something surreptitious
Is it I? Have I become someone mysterious..?   

Sometimes it’s a curse to be an eve
Born with evasiveness of a thief: 
Performing with swift slyness, shiftiness, 
A menacing and furtive look in my eyes.

For too long I smiled in a frame, 
But there's a monster inside I can never tame. 
I kept it locked away in the deepest core of my heart,
But I know it will soon crack, soon fall apart.   

For so long my weary soul wandered, 
Seeking a place where my secret voices can be heard.. 
For so long I even wondered,
If maybe there's peace not seen, secluded..  

Then I came towards realization,
That it will take more than just confession 
For a mere revelation...


From the One and Only: DewiBatrishya®


rainBow said...

panjangnya dewi beputar kepala aku baca :P

Dewi Batrishya said...

Takes time to produce one..
Takes time to read one.. :P
Sorry for the complicated vocab..
^^ Tried to express just 'precisely' what was on my mind.. huhu..
TQ 4 Readin' newayz.. :)

syam said...

imagining kepala c daya 'berputar' haahhahaha.

u shud pick this poem over the cat in the rain :D haha. nice one :)