Valentine's Special Note

Play the vid and Enjoy!! ^^

I don't know why I always believe that
"if you Lve someone you should let them know..."
I believe that "the more you Lve, the more you will be Lved"
No matter who it is.. a friend a family a lover..
Lve is just there to decorate our life..
To put smile on your face.. To brighten the darkest corner of your heart..

Why the song? Its my epiphany of Lve.. haha..
I dedicate this song to everyone.. 
There is always someone, somewhere, out there who's thinking of you, and love you, 
for being you...
Yes, I believe that. ^^

Many asked me why am I being mysterious?
R u single? R u seeing someone? R u in a relationship?
And every time I'm bombarded with such question, 
I'll throw the sweetest smile I can gather. That's all. No Definite answer.
I guess, those curiosity will eventually fade away with time.
But like the waves, it kept coming to the shore.. 
Caressing the mildest inch of my heart. Haha.. :P

But, NO more secret, hence This blog is born.. Hahaha  Happy Born-Day Bloggie!! ^^

The definite answer would be...
Nope, I'm not seeing anyone, But..
Yes, I am in Lve.
with myself. ♥ ♥ ♥ Seriously... *wink2*

Owh and I often ask myself, will I be able to finally Lve someone?
The definite answer is YES,
whoever you are, I will be there to Lve you.
But in the meantime, I want to Lve myself. :D

For those who already found Lve, u should Cherish it.
For those who haven't found Lve, 
Don't worry, you will or It will come and find u.. ^^
For those who think that they've Lost their passion for Lve, 
Just reach the deepest core of your heart, you'll find it somehow.. 
It's never lost, only forgotten. 
For those who think that they Don't need Lve, wait, what?? Urm.. Hypocrites.. ^^ 
But I'll still Lve u.. Don't worry.. Haha.. ♥ ♥ ♥ Seriously... *wink2*

Hopefully Its not too late to say "I Love You" ^^
To everyone that matters most!


Dewi Batrishya said...

Haha! At Last!!
I've been composing this for hours..
Tried to insert some vids.. Failed once, twice.. maybe more..
Eventually succeed!!!! yay!
Sorry for deleting, re-posting, re-deleting, then re-posting the same entry.. (T.T)
My weakness is "Perfection!" hurm.. nvm.. Enjoy!! ^^

syam said...

dewi the perfectionist.

I used to write like you when I first blogged and yes it paid off after reading the final masterpiece.

Dewi lalink, if you've found someone then you have my greatest blessing with you.

GBU. Luv ya.

Dewi Batrishya said...

YeHuu... *warm-heart* Reaction!!! weee~
Thanks Syam! Luv ya Oweyz!! ^^
Always Pray 4 ur happiness..

God BLess us all..! Thanks 4 readin'