My Frustrations with GATSBY!

1st of all, Thanks Nuffnang for the invites. :)

Hope it’s not too late to post bout Gatsby.. 

Feels like forever since the last update.

Just got Back from exciting Cuti-Cuti Malaysia in Malacca! 

(well,lets save that for another entry) :)

 I'm sorry......

I must say that I am FRUSTRATED with GATSBY!


Because the Gathering was a total Failure! 

Don’t get me wrong! Read on…




It was a total failure because it fails in bringing bloggers closer together. 

The Organizer however, did a terrific Job by the way! 

A round of applause for them! *Clap3x*


I’m not saying that bloggers didn’t make any effort! 

They did!          Check this Out : [LINK]




MOST DIDN’T DO ANYTHING to get to know each other. *Sigh*

What’s wrong with approaching people and say ‘Hi’? I believe most bloggers are quite friendly.

Perhaps, everyone was too afraid that they might appear awkward and desperate! 


Maybe most bloggers think they’re too popular that they expect people to recognize them first (wtf) 


One might think that they’re nobody. Thus, Using that as a lame excuse to not make an effort. (What kind of mindset is that?)

I must admit that I did have cold feet to approach strangers. 

Yeah… I don’t know most of the bloggers that day. Heck! I spoke to some without even knowing who there were. 

I might even come across as someone mentally retarded or sthg! But, was it a Crime to be Friendly? 

I had a great time beating up each other at games and eventually we managed to exchange blog links. Where’s the loss in that?


It was NOT a FUN and ALIVE event! 

Again... Don’t get me wrong! Read on…




It was not fun NOT because the Organizer failed to come up with Interesting Activities, They did!!

It was because the bloggers aren’t being too supportive of each other.

I’m not saying that bloggers didn’t make any effort! They did! 

But MOST DIDN’T DO ANYTHING to make the event interactive and livelier. 

*Sigh again*

I congratulate and I’d like to thank bloggers who were very supportive in participating in the event.

But it would cost a thing if we start supporting each other & cheer for people who participated. 

Not to brag but, Though we didn’t know who was kicking whose ass, WE screamed our lungs out that day and cheered on. See? 

Yeah, we might appear like a bunch of retards (no offence) but the event would be dull if it was attended by walking Zombies!


This one is Personal. The story Goes…

One fine Gatsby morning, 

There was one totally RUDE blogger I just happen to bumped into. She was busy taking pictures with God-knows-who in the middle of busy crowd. 

I wasn’t aware of this thus, I walked normally, laughing and giggling like nobody’s business UNTIL I meet her blazing eyes. 

Little did I know, I ‘interfered’ her little affair. 

Pic of an Angry Bush which totally looked like her.. XD

Owkay, I admit it, my bad! 

Shouldn’t walk across in front someone’s photo shoot! 

So I said sorry, like 10 times… Then they continued… 

The person she took photos with must be very important that she gave me a Cold Stare as if I stole her Bra or sthg!

After that she started to bitch about me to her friend a.k.a the photographer. 

How do I know? Yeah, she pointed and stare at me in despise. Geez! 3rd Class attitude! WTF were u giving me those attitudes for? 

I mean, SHUT UP already! U did manage to SNAP pictures didn’t you? 

Sorry for using Bad language. Can’t help it… :(


My last frustration could be your frustrations too…

I was frustrated because I was totally unlucky when it comes to Lucky Draws! Damn it! I was drooling over the prizes for nothing! 

ACER & FERRARI Lappy! Blackberry! 500GB External HD! A Game Set! Canon IXUS Camera! Handycam! All aren’t mine! Huwaaaaa….. Tough Luck!

Extreme frustration because It was ALL FREE! 

Who in the right-state-of-mind would give away those Goodies for Free now a days?! ONLY GATSBY! Hakhakhak.. 

So frustrated coz I didn’t get any! Congrats to those who won though. :)



Yes peeps, If you happen to have another frustration about Gatsby, do let me know.. 

OR maybe if you are frustrated with my post, drop your BOMB in my comment box. Yes, I DARE YOU! Grr..

P/s: I don’t know why my post tastes a little bitter, but soon I’ll post some sweet Happy memories I had with Gatsby! XD


P/s/s: Here's an article bout the Record Breaking Attempt:

Click on the Gorgeous Pic! XD



Till then.. Muaxs!

Photo credits goes to: Dict, Mimi,, Nuffnang


Supia said...

I did say hi to you right?
Sorry ya, if I din spend time to hang around with you, coz I am with my friend that time.
But its nice seeing you there.

kenwooi said...

things might go crappy at times.. too bad i wasnt around, if not i could have made new friends eh? haha..

it's a fun even when all the bloggers get to know each other, and not just by sticking to their own gang.. =)

and about the lucky draw.. it's okay.. im also sucky when it comes to winning things =P

cheer up! =D

Dewi Batrishya said...

Supia! *Hugz* hihi..
I'm sorry also.. :)
But we did talked to each other.
Hope u had fun that day. :D

Kenwooi sifu..
Yeah, So Sucky! :P
Thanks.. :D said...

too bad i din go =P

Dewi Batrishya said...

HaHaHa.. Too Bad.. :P

syam said...

moi..i think the link u put on the pic is not working lar...cannot click also nothin happen eh. (lol sound so apek ahahaha)

well, F her mother F-er...people say sorry also want to make such a big fuss..whats the big deal..its just a pic..take another one lar..lmao.

I thought the day was awesome in a way and terrible in a way too..good and bad things come together up!

kRaZy said...

haha..nice, ur post is another point of view regarding the gatsby street fair ^^

Aly89 said...

I didn't know you experienced such horrible thing like that bitching thing. But u sure hv fun with the games right? I remember the moment u & Fanzi climb that thing like a cicak...LOL.

ohmywtf said...

haha..finaly someone telling the truth :-)

Dewi Batrishya said...

Yeah.. I had so much Fun that Day!
Everything is forgiven now.. :)
Thanks everyone for commenting. :D
Really appreciate it. ^^

Eu Jin said...

Could this be one of the reason why I never bothered to attend any events since I started blogging in 2006?

Yodz said...

Maybe bloggers are hesitant to approach each other in that event because they are afraid to hear comments such as:

"Hey are you really the person behind that blog? You look older than your profile picture on that blog." LOL

Have a great day!

Teh Tarik Drinker said...

i did however had a lot of bloggers saying hi. quite unfortunate that they didn't to you... :(

dragoncity said...

wow..i tot it was a happening event!
Didn't know that there was such a stories behind.. Cheers dude

Kimberly Low said...

hehe big blogger events are like that i guess everyone's too absorbed into everything around them. the smaller gatherings are always less intimidating!

Inora Putri. said...

haha, biase lah tuh. wanted to go but last minute cancelled. sorry to hear u didn't had that much fun. =(

FeeQ said...

I ada buat krispy kreme gathering early but no much people come oso..

Btw, meet up u and not much time to talk coz rushing back ^^"

NIce to meet u XD

thenomadGourmand said...

Poor thing. good thing u had fun though. yea totally agree bloggin is abt meetin new frens!

mindbreaking said...

i dont think soo becoz almost all of them enjoyed that fiesta and very excited with to meet each other. i did'nt go there but i realize there are many article about their excitement going to the fiesta,,,,

just leaving my opinion, try to searc more blogger fren, its fun actually...

Xiaopei said...

I am partially agree with you :)

Cik Norfa said...

oh kasihannya...tapi tetap best event ni.wpun ade blogger yg ala-ala sombong! like me..haha..

aku tak dpt nak beramah tamah dengan blogger lain sebab sibuk duk kejar kupon..then sibuk duk kejar anak buah aku ke sana dan ke mari. lagipun jam 12 aku cabut kejap gi KLCC ada hal...nak bergambar banyak pun tak dapat...

so sah2 aku pun mmg tk jmp kau.
neway..salam kenal2..hehe.

Dewi Batrishya said...

HuHuHaHaHa.. WELL...
I Must say I HAD FUN THAT DAY.. :P
This is the other side of the story that I just happen to realize.
I did met some interesting bloggers. :)
Since I'm just a newbie in Blogging World,
I must say that I'm still inexperienced.
Thanks for the comments.. :)
Totally appreciate it. ^^

Kelvin said...

Haha, having fun and complaining at the same time^^

GGK said...

i dint go because i use loreal hair gel...

lol im joking.

Dewi Batrishya said...

Ahahahaha~ Nice one.. :P