Chapter 2: [Part2] - The Special Day!

Heyya There! 

I’ve been excited to share bout' our Cuti – Cuti Malaysia in Malacca.

Just in case u missed the last two episodes of our Journey, Here! Check these Out:

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Dear Readers, Lets START!

18th & 19th of April 2010… A Date to Remember!

Nope. This Special Entry is NOT about the Movie! 




ON the night we watched KICK ASS, in Mahkota Parade..

There was a surprise celebration about to unravel… :D



Jeng! Jeng! Jeng!


While waiting for us, 

the others went feeding their feet to Hungry little fish! 





Eheks… They actually went to the Fish Spa!

It’s actually a place to feed hungry baby piranha with human sacrifice.. Mwahahahaha.. OK.. Kidding!

Can’t even spot a fish because the water tank was dark.. LMAO



When they finished, They decided to have an ‘ART-SY Little PICTURE’in front of Dataran Pahlawan (D.P) 

Say Kejuuuu!!!!


Perhaps, because they were bored of waiting, they did something totally shocking!

They gathered in D.P’s Field and...

Played ‘Police & Thief’ game with some Random children! 

See? Told ya! 




No La… 


They were there to watch 

the Hot Air Ballon!!




Being too excited, they decided NOT to miss riding the Ballon! 

Hope it doesn't get Too Hot! eheee~





Up Up and Away!!

The Ride was RM25 per person for about 10 minutes High up in the sky! Weee~~


After a while... 

We gathered to Celebrate a very special Occasion for very Special someone.





"Happy Birthday Fai & Mimi From Malacca"


A B'Day Cake for Birthday Boy & BirthDay Girl! yeeHaa! 



Chocolate Indulgence from Secret Recipe! 



And Then....

We continued Dining in the Dark since the Field’s lights were turned Off! LOL it was around midnight!



Indeed, It was a Special Day for all of us! :D




That's it for Chapter 2, Part 2!

 Part 3 will be coming soon.. 

So, Stay Tuned!

P/s:  Thanks for Reading!

Really appreciate YOU for Dropping By.. xoxo


P/s/s: I’ll be signing off to ‘Study-Land’ to prepare for my exam!

Do Stay Tune for Part 3 of this thrilling episode of our Malacca Journey!

Till then! Ciao! Xoxo!!



Help me Nang? :)


Picture Credits to: DictFanzMimiAshHidayahRzaidio, Ikram, etc.


mindbreaking said...

no time for cuti2 lar...

Dewi Batrishya said...

Ahahaha.. Maybe next time kay! ^^

ButTeRcUp said...

oh, the ride in the hot air balloon must be fun!

Dewi Batrishya said...

Yeah.. Fun! & HOT Too! LOL.. :D

Fanzi said...


nora said...

Hi Dewi,
u just be my follower then I'll mail to u tips to get paid.. please drop me ur email add k.

syam said...

apaaaaa tu nang it? haha:p
thnx for such a lovely post :)

Dewi Batrishya said...

Nora: Ouh.. Money.. Money.. Money.. ($.$)

Syam: That one is for Nuffnangez @ innit.. :)

syam said...

i clicked it and i duno what to yeah i nang-ed it. haha

Dewi Hiu bt. Iskandar Hiu said...

Dewi!!!! Another Dewi was here... Hahahaha! So cool eh? Hanyway, I've been to Malacca for the 1st time last month just for our edu trip... not holidays! Wanna go there again... POL IN LEP with Malacca!!!!

Dewi Batrishya said...

Thanks for being sooo supportive Syam!
Nah! *Bear Hugz for ya!* heeee~

Me too.. Pol in Lep with cheap items there! eheks..
Thanks for commenting! Sooo nice of u!

ajjah said...

dewi how long will they have the hot air balloon there? i wana go

Stefanie said...

Thats cool! I missed the hot air balloon, was sick. :( Glad that you had fun!

Yodz said...

that day is indeed special... I like to try that Fish Spa - really cool. (I hope there's no stray piranha there) LOL.
Take care always!

Kyril said...

kick ass!

Dewi Batrishya said...

Ajjah: It just happen tht the Balloon was there when we were. Lucky eh? hehe

Steph:Too bad, hope u're doing well oredi. :)

Yodz! Salamat Po! Promise there will be no piranhas for you! LOL.. :P

Kyril: (~.^) *wink2*

rahma said...

another inspiring story to share. just to remind us how lucky we are. thanks for sharing dear :)