My Date Night!

Our 1st date... 

It was rather ordinary with a little EXTRA-Ordinary flavor to it.. haha!

There was this guy… 
We’ve been around each other for quite a while. 
We’ve noticed each other. But never speak to one another. 
Yes, I think he is a nice guy. Plus I think he’s cute too! Hihihiew..

Back in ice age time, 
What do I know about love and being in a relationship…? 
Hanging out with friends and meeting new people is fun
 without strings attached! 
Yes! I felt so young then! It’s a carefree life! 

Not saying that I haven’t been in a relationship. 
I tried few but mostly didn’t work out. 
If there’s anyone should be blame. Blame me! 
A commitment-phobia freak! Hahahahaha…


There was one little bird who told me that he had a Crush on me! 

But he was too shy to make a move. Too afraid to be rejected. 
What the…. I mean, with that cute model-like-face, 
how did he stay single all these while? 

Girls these days just have this eagle like attitude! 
Sighting their pray from afar 
and snatches their pray like it’s nobody’s business! 
Like vultures, they sneak under shrubberies 
and strike when the right moment appears! 
Ok… I watched too much Discovery Channel… -.- 

A cute guy… has a crush on me…. He’s single… Arghhh... 
Too many details to process in my tiny brain. Yes, I was in dilemma… 
Been thinking what’s might be wrong with him. 
Perhaps he’s an ill-mannered person… But wait… 
I saw how he treats people with respect. 
He got loads of friends… what could be wrong with him… 
OMG!! Perhaps he’s gay… OK! I gave up! 

As time goes by… we moved on. 
But I still hear news about him from time to time. 
One day, a shocking discovery! 
I heard he was dumped by his last GF. 
Oh yeah! I mean… Owh.. owh.. Poor him… BUT Now I know, he’s STRAIGHT!! YAY!! Fireworks flew everywhere! Wee~  

He was taking a time off from ‘relationship-land’. 
Perhaps, to clear the clutter out of his cute brain. 
So… That’s how he managed to stay single all these while.  Pheww… 

My…  My… How was I supposed to react to that? 
Now I wasn’t sure that he still has a crush on me. 
The wall-faced person that I am, I texted him.

(NO My face does not consist of a wall. TQ )

Knowing how shy of a person he is, 
I doubt that he would want to have a date with me. 

But HOW I WAS WRONG! He agreed to meet. Haha! 

It was a buffet style LUNCH. Hehe.. 
Yeah.. Maybe I should change the post title into ‘My Date Day!’ LOLOL.. :P

So there we are… facing each other on a round table. 
With fork and spoon on both hands. Tongue tied. 
What now? My heart is thumping like mad. I can tell he was nervous too. 
But he smiled. The sweetest smile I ever saw. Thank God I was on a chair. 
If I were to stand beside him, My knee pad could’ve fallen out of place that day.

(NO. I don’t have a knee problem. TQ very much.)

He says the prayer and we dig into our lunch with not much enthusiasm. 
I started the conversation, simple things that we can share. Yes, he was shy. 
But he listened and replied with interest.  I was in good company.

Then a cute disaster strikes! 

One little rice ruins the splendor of his cute face. 
It stuck in the corner of his cheek.

He looked like Phua Chu Kang now with that stuck rice there.

Phua Chu Kang. -Don't pray pray!  XD

I couldn’t stand but to giggle away. 
I think he’s too cute to have an extra accessory on that perfect face. 
He lifted his head and his eyebrow joints in a cute way. 
I hinted the rice.  And he reached for it. 
He just laughs at it. How adorable is that?... XD

The lunch was short yet memorable. 
Who would’ve known that that simple date will be cherished till today? 
That day, we both parted with smiles on our face and a heart blooming away…

Now we are oceans apart. 
But I guess, our heart will always be meant for each other.

Indeed it was a simple date. Not like this movie.. LOLOL!!!



I'm glad ours didn't! LOLOL!! XD

Can’t wait to watch it! XD

Pictures Courtesy of:

Twentieth Century Fox



syam said...

LOVE IT. come I know nothin ah...aish..hahaha

Jan said...

Haha! Cute!

Dewi Batrishya said...

Syam: Hehehe.. My dirty Little secret ma... :P
Jan: innit? XD

Fiona said...

haha I totally enjoyed reading about ur 1st date. lol

Dewi Batrishya said...

Thanks! Appreciate it! :D

Yodz said...

this is sweet... and really funny.
First dates really rocks...

Dewi Batrishya said...

Hiewhiewhiew... yep! :)

Anonymous said...

OMG. This is the most honest post I've ever read in centuries! I just L.U.V it!