How Malacca Mesmerize Us - [Chapter 1]


To keep it short & simple, I decided to divide this Trip to few Chapters.

With hope that it’s easy on the eyes to read, and does not get too heavy to load :)

Chapter 1: Introduction to places (How Malacca Mesmerize us)

Chapter 2: What Happens in Malacca, Stays in Malacca!

          Part 1: The Shopping-till-you-Drop Day!

          Part 2: The Special Day!

          Part 3: The Cendol Day!

          Part 4: Becoming a Pirate Day!

          Part 5: Whacky A Famosa Day!

Chapter 3: We can’t live without Food!

Chapter 4: Beware! We are bunch of Crazy People! 

                      EXTRA :  *Crazy Cam-whore moments*


Dear Readers, Lets START!

Malacca, Historical City of Malaysia welcomed us with warmth and friendliness of its people.

Soon we realized that we were enchanted by its Beauty of Nature and Marvels of Architecture.

This is how Our Journey began…

Time: 12pm.   Location: Shah Alam Bus Terminal 

The day is here for all of us to gather. 12 close friends agreed to a Little Adventure together.

The Long 2 hours Journey of sitting made our BUM numb.. Though we just sat, it was tiring. Totally NOT suitable for Hyper Active people like us. Hehe… 

Soon, the Adventure begins!      


(Perhaps, I should write in detail some funny moments we had.. 

But let’s reserve that for other entries kay! ♥)

These are Places that we went:

The Ever so Famous : A Famosa  (St.Paul’s Hill)


The Jonker Street!

Christ Church Malacca!

Malacca Clock tower!

The Magical Fountain!

Keris Taming Sari Tower!

Dataran Pahlawan Mega Mall!

Mahkota Parade Shopping Mall!

Portuguese Ship (Maritime Museum)

The Dutch Fort!

The Giant Windmill!

That's it for Chapter 1!

 Chapter 2 will be coming soon.. 

So, Stay Tuned!

P/s:  Really appreciate YOU for Dropping By.. xoxo

Picture Credit to: Dict, Fanz, Mimi, Ash, Hidayah, Rzaidio, Ikram, etc.


kenwooi said...

woohoo malacca! i miss the place and satay celup! =D

Dewi Batrishya said...

Satay Celup!!! Of all other thing! XD hahaha
Thanks for stopping by.. :)

TSHUNZAI@davis said...

Visited...whao...nice trip you have wanna to visit melaka and the stay celup..never try before...hohoho

syam said...

i seriously didnt realize im in the last pic lol.

the piccas are not enough to describe the first chapter. lol but nvm..if u put everything up, im afraid somebody's blog will exceed the bandwith with crazylotsofpictures. lmao!

kRaZy said...

wow nice photos..seems like u have a good photographer with u all XD

Dewi Batrishya said...

Davis: Yeah, I Should try that also.. :P
Syam: Haha.. So True.. Thus, the Chapters. LOL
Krazy: Sure, everyone got that talent is seems.. hhihihi

syam said...

not a good photographer...but MANY ...lolol!

cant wait for the rest of the chapters!

Dewi Batrishya said...

will do Dear.. :)

Glo-w~* said...

thanks for the lovely journey^^

Flying Pixel said...

what an adventure~ ;)

Lukey Cher Hong said...

haha u make ur blog post sound like the LOTR series

Dewi Batrishya said...

Glow.. welcome..!
Pixel: Yes, a lovely adventure.. :)
Dori: Haha.. wait for the sequels.. LOL

Florence said...

hi, thanks for dropping by..=)
yeah...i am SO looking forward for my holiday..
hope it turns out FUN though..=)
Take care=)

Dewi Batrishya said...

xoxo Florence! ^^

Xiaopei said...

I want to visit Malacca again >.<

ajjah said...

dewi melaka has always been my fav place to go for vacation. selang dua bulan kot.. :) will go there again just to eat the seafoods.. :)

btw, followed u.. nice blog

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

I start missing Melaka when i saw ur photos~!!! hahaha gotta head there someday!