Chapter 2: What Happens in Malacca, Stays in Malacca!

Continuation from: Chapter 1

Part 1 The Shopping-till-you-Drop Day!


LOCATION: Mahkota Parade Shopping Mall!

Built on a staggering 1.2 million square feet, the Mahkota Parade Shopping Mall is one of the largest shopping centers available in Melaka.  Here, you can find a center full of souvenirs and handicrafts, a large supermarket, a food court, a cinema, a bowling alley, amusement arcades, assorted cafés and various restaurants for people with different tastes. (source)

This is the Pic of us before the whole shopping starts:

Don’t  I Look Macho? Hakhakhakhak… XD

Few minutes later we realized that everyone went missing… !!! (O.O)


Jeng! Jeng! Jeng!



Since we are lost from the original Pack, These are just random things that we did there:

We shop / we did a little karaoke there / we watched KICK ASS, And….. 





Photo shoot??

 Don’t ask why…. (~.~)


The rest of them did their shopping and eating somewhere else..

The Next Day….

LOCATION: Dataran Pahlawan Mega Mall! 

-This is where the UFO Landed! XD-


Mahkota Parade Shopping Mall & Dataran Pahlawan Mega Mall are within the walking distance.  (If you are coming by bus then get off at stop No. 7, which is the “Mahkota Parade Shopping Mall” stop.) You need to cross the road to enter Dataran Pahlawan Mega Mall. (source)



F.Y.I : 

The Dataran Pahlawan Mega Mall is one of the BIGGEST  shopping malls in Malacca! 

The Girls went roaming around the Mega Mall and was SURPRISED to find CHEAP items like Bags, Clothes, Glasses, etc…


Ain't they pretty?.. hihihi 

Just look at the shopping bags… HUahuahua.. and it’s like 11 in the morning..  

Imagine how many Shopping bags at the end of the Day?? XD LOL


The guys… been waiting for us…

Hahahaha! Sowie! (>.<)



After few hours of waiting... 

I think they might’ve feel like spanking us! 



LOCATION: The Jonker Street!


During night time, we went to The Jonker Street!

Jonker Street is part of Melaka’s old Chinatown.  This, aside from the fact that most of Jonker Street’s occupants are Chinese, appears to be the reason why this street is closely identified to Chinatown, and some people even mistakenly refer to this street with the latter.  Visitors might want to choose a name to call this street according to their mood!  Because Jonker Street is also known as Jonker Walk or Jalan Hang Jebat. (source)

We went there during weekends.  Around 6pm, the street is transformed into a busy, carnival like affair. The Jonker Walk night market is a weekly affair for locals where they assemble stalls and display products to sell. 

Even around 1am, The Jonker Walk night market still was totally Happening!

Now, If you have a craving for some nightlife, Jonker Street offers karaoke nights (where the entrance is free!) and you can sing your heart out in whatever language or dialect you like best between English, Mandarin, Hokkien and Hakka.

Here is where all of it happens! LOL.. I don’t even speak Chinese! :P




Although the residents of Jonker Street have made some improvements to their way of life and have adapted some modern methods, the area has never lost its cultural charm and tradition.  This, in fact, is very visible in the Jonker Street architure; what with their buildings, houses and shops constructed with elaborate carvings and pillars, the Jonker Street area truly reflects the culture and heritage of Melaka, Malaysia. (source)

Just Gorgeous! 


This is what makes This place so distinct and special! 

*So Proud come to think of it* :D



The night end, and we all Drop Dead at Mahkota Guest House! XD



That's it for Chapter 2, Part 1!

 Part 2 will be coming soon.. 

So, Stay Tuned!

P/s:  Really appreciate YOU for Dropping By.. xoxo

Picture Credits to: DictFanzMimiAshHidayahRzaidio, Ikram, etc.


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