Practicum Days: Day 4

It's the day of the carnival...
Students swarms the school as early as 6.40am.
Today, the morning and the afternoon session combines..
To celebrate this day.

We were busy...
Decorating and stuff..

Preparing door gifts...

simple yet meaningful..


Look at the sea of people!
This is what happens
When the morning and afternoon sessions combines.. XD
Just as soon as the assembly ends,
students swarms each booths..

Our main attraction was this quiz thingy..
It was like a mini game interface..
with voices some more.

The kids loved it!

We also have other games...

and Spelling bee..

Students enjoyed our games..
It was easy for them to win.
They'd either have to read the tongue twisters 
Or guess items from the charades
Or spell simple words.. :)

It was great having all of them in our booth! :D


Before noon,
we wrapped up our booth.

(The earliest booth to wrap up! haha)
we've finished giving out all prizes and door gifts..

It was an enjoyable day for us..

Such a cool experience... ^^

Thanks for the memories............ SMKP.