Practicum Days: Day 3

Chilly morning.. 
Students aren't wearing their usual white shirts...

Today is the Club Meeting Day.
We were invited to join the English Club...

Danica (UNiTAR Trainee) lead the activity for that day..


We played 'Hangman'.
Students seemed to enjoy the game..

Few students who were playing truant disturbed our session for a few moments..
We're Glad that Danica was there to handle them. 

She's new, But yet she's capable. ^^

Back in the teachers' room, I received another 'slip for relief classes.

Out I go to meet my students...

3 Al-Ikhlas, next door to my  4 Al-Ghazali
*4 Al-Ghazali from my 2nd Day*

The moment my form 4 students saw me, they were surprised.
They thought I was coming to their class... :)

Unfortunately I'm not.
I have to meet up with my form 3 students.


"Class stand uuUup! GooOod MooOooRninG teacher~!!"
Hmm.. The usual greeting 'song'..

It was as if they were singing a choir of some sort.

It seems like they were missing a few students..
Class monitor said they went home to get their books..

During my time, there'll be NO such case..
What's happening to my school's discipline? 
Has it all went down the drain?
No name tags, No badges, Long Nails, SHort scarfs, Untidy clothes...etc.. etc..
You name it!

Deep down, I feel so sad of the current state of my own former school..
Even more frustrating is that I couldn't do anything about it. :'(

They woke me up from my own thoughts...

"..we have to rewrite the information on the board."
Me: "I'll give you 10minutes and then we'll start".

Few of the students had done their work,
some of them are still busy copying from the board.
Boys at the back are chatting with each other.
When they're done, I formally introduce myself.
and since it's a half an hour session, 
I only called out their names just to make sure that none of them are missing..
I told them to get into 3 groups.. 
(which later, became 4 groups).

I told them to come up with a sentence, 
and work with the group members to create a story.

They were clueless at first, didn't know what to do, or what to write.

I explained that they can write whatever they want to, be it in Malay or English.

Minutes after that I read aloud their story and they all went laughing listening to each others' stories..

There was a story of a husband throwing his wife in the well..
A transvestite in Kampung Air..
A boy shitting his pants...

It was a fun experience.

When it was time for me to leave,
The students weren't paying attention..
They were busy chatting... 
still talking about the stories they made up.

When the class monitor noticed that I was still there..
He quickly said "Thaaaank Youuuu teacher!"
which the rest obligaely follows.

They were confused because I did not leave their class.
I just can't stand that they have little respect for their teacher..
Saying thank you without even meaning it.
I just have to teach them some manners. 

So, I told them to get to get to their seats,
and stand up properly..
When they focus their attention to me,

Kindly, I told them that they are good students and that they have to behave well and respect all the teachers who taught them.
and to only say thank you when they really mean it.

They thanked me once again and I can see that there's a change in them.

Back in the teachers' room, 
we were told that we have our own table! ^^  

It's pretty small and the space are limited.
But, that'll do for now.
Better than nothing at all I suppose.... 

I had a free time and started to work on my S.O.P Report.
But the room condition was so comfortable that it made me sleepy..
(reading academic work always makes me wanna ZzZZZz)

So, I requested to join Sheila's Class afore I fall asleep..

Teacher Judy introduced us to Form 4 Al-Razi which Sheila will be teaching.
They were doing their Oral presentation for 'ULBS' evaluation.

I can see a lot of potential from this class.
Their English language proficiency is quite impressive.
The fact that they can share things in front of the class confidently, made me quite proud of them. I never thought I'd witness such great occasion. 

Sheila is very lucky this time! ^^
I'm sure they'll have s good time.

Later tonight,

we are preparing for 

'Education For Life' Carnival

which will be held tomorrow.


Until Tomorrow~~~


Miea Melodies said...

lucky for u that u are teaching form 4 students. Form 1 students are way much harder to control. So noisy and all....... said...

SMK?! wah, baru ku tau! hati2 takut ada yang tergoda. hahaah...

t a u f i k said...

life as a trainee teacher is amazing. I miss those days. :D