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I’m back with FRESH stories!



Last year, we went to this Japanese Cultural Exhibition...


 it was nothing compared to this year's event.




 Me & Zaty

 went to Japanese Cultural Exhibition 2011 

Handled by Japnese Society(UiTM)

What’s there? u say.

There was this:

(Anime Toys and Figures Collection)

And This:

*I'm not sure what this is.. (~.~)*

There was also Kimono Fitting Photoshoot: 

Cost: RM5 per Head

We Tried it once at a cheaper price.....

...so we decided to skip that part this year. :P

And yesterday we found this adorable monster:


Then there was a Taekwando demonstration…


I was not staring at the sexy guy.. 




Stop STARING already….


Let’s *Scroll down*

Zaty & Mr.Z



I totally understand how one can easily fall for a guy like him.


Modern Knight in Shining Taekwando Suit. XD



Then there was this


kendama is a traditional Japanese toy which consists of a wooden, 

hammer-like object with a ball connected to it by a string.


They put up an awesome performance.

Even encourage spectators to try. =)

There was also a live Performance Band singing Japanese Songs. 

It was amazing! :)


Then there's this Japanese Songs (MiNi Karaoke)

I took the liberty to sing Endless Story by Yuna Ito 

Though I can feel every fiber in me was quite reluctant.

For those who don’t know me, 


I am prone to:

 *Self-destructing-disturbing-self-humiliating-Risk Taking - behavior!*

But it’s THRILLING for me. XD

Like I once told you LONGG AGO. HERE. :P

The Adrenalin Rush was awesome Though!

P/s: I’ll put up the video later. (or maybe I should not) XD

*I don't want anyone to puke or suffer from ear-bleed*


 We went to KLPac 

to witness a theatre ‘Model Citizens’ 

presented by The Necessary Stage from Singapore.


But all that can wait till later entry. :)




For now,

I would love to invite everyone to come & experience KLPac opening Day Today!!!

23 January 2011

You got it right! 

It's F.O.C!

JAMMED PACKED with Lots of CULTURAL/ART Performances!

If you don't know what to do...

If you don't know where to head to....

If you don't have any plans...


Not sure where the place is? 

I’m sure Mr.GooGLe can help you!


zoe said...

ok fine,, x dpt pegi pun! huhuhuh dah ade kat perak. anyway, x sbr nak tengok vid tuh!!! u r cool babe!!!

domokun said...

haha the guy is cute >< lolllllll

zuar said...

ruginye xsempat nak g...bz ngn keje..huhu.awak amik kos pe ek?sem bape

Dewi Batrishya said...

Zoe: Vid? what vid? Owh.. Tht Vid?
Miahahahahaha... *acting innocent*

Domokun: yes, he is. XD

Zuar: It's ok. Next time. =)
I'm Currently studying in UiTM.

Santafire said...

The only japanese event i get to go during my studies in kl was Bon Odori. Wish I could go to this one^^

Dewi Batrishya said...

Yeah. Bon Odori! It was fun! :)
Hope to see more of world's cultural event back in kk. ^^

yuki said...

planned on going KLPAC but cancelled last minute bcoz saturday's tiring ^^"

Amirrah Zawani said...

kimono.. menarikkk :D

acsonrobin said...

dewi, i'm regret that i'm not telling you about my cancellation for the singing contest. if i tell you, the situation might be different on my part and we can be rivals. haha. you can assume that i'm stupid or coward but please don't assume that i'm a traitor or liar. huhu. by the way, you are really dare devil and i'm happy to see that you enjoy that japanese festival. =)

Dewi Batrishya said...

LOL.. U're not a traitor & i know u didn't mean to lie to me.
U're still my friend. =)
Let's have a singing battle..! hahaha.. :P

ARC™ said...

hmmmm main buih pastu buat photography session syok gak