Baby Bro's WeDDinG

Felt like years since I write again. Yeah, I missed writing.

A lot has happened since the last time I posted.

Probably the biggest happenings would be my Baby Bro’s wedding.

Held during my semester break recently.

Confession: Traditional wedding is very tiring. Haha..



I mean, a lot of people would love to have a grand wedding in halls and stuff. Just because it is convenient.

No need to cook, since caterings would cover that. No need to put up the Pelamin (wedding altar). The bridal management will of course take care of that. No need to do the cleaning up and dish washing. They have people to do all that.

But surely, traditional wedding atmosphere is ‘different' compared to modern-hall wedding receptions.

Since we are pretty much a very close-knitted family, it’s the time to sit down and catch up with news and gossips of each family. Not that the latter, restricts conversation completely. :P

I wouldn’t mind having either both during my wedding. (IF there is going to be any that is)





Well.. Lets talk about something else that mattered. :P


10/12/2010 – My Baby Bro officially got married to his High-school sweetheart of 4 (maybe more) years.

*During Akad nikah* (The wedding Vows)

The occasion was held at His Fiancé’s house. Which, by the way, located 10 steps away from our house. LOL.

After ‘Akad nikah’, there’s the ‘sanding-night & ‘malam berinai’.

(Basically, what that mean is that, the newlywed is being introduced to close community and relatives.)

*Sanding Night Photo*

The elders will give their blessings by sprinkling rose-water and stuff as a symbol of fertility, happiness, etc… etc…

Later, it’s the putting on ‘henna’ stuff on both newlyweds.

----It’s another symbolic gestures passed down by the ancestors – now applied as one of the customs in Malay marriages.

The one that my bro is wearing is the traditional ‘Henna’ made from the original tree mixed with lemon (or other sour-ish ingredient) that produces a Guava-like smell.

I should know, because I was assigned to be the person in charge of it since……. As long as I can remember. Maybe I got that ‘special’ touch? Hahahaha :P

There are other alternative Henna in the market. But, the elders decided to do it the ‘OLD-SchooL’ way. So we just went with it.

Poor baby Bro, who have to wait hours for the henna to get dry.

By the way, the white substance is ‘Lulur’

– the function is to make the bride and groom, GLEAM for the morning’s reception.

It’s actually the perfect time to play a prank on anyone because they can’t move. I laughed at him because he looked like a Zombie to me. And he can’t do anything about it. XD




Another wedding reception. Giving the chance for far away relatives who didn’t get the opportunity to meet the newlywed the night before.

Friends and acquaintances came on this day, (Usually on Sunday) to come and greet the newlyweds.

*Happy* :)



The fact that the youngest in our family got married,

we realize that time has changed a lot.

We'll be letting him go to face a new life,

new challenges building up his family.

We can only give our Love and Support to him & we all wish him well.

It was an Emotional Day for us

as well as for him.

Despite the fact that I was supposed to be the 'Tissue-GirL',

I think I cried the most that day.



Here are some Videos of the event:

Difficulty to View? Click HERE.

Part 2 is here!. :)

Can't watch? Click HERE!

For More Wedding Picture, Visit HERE.


zoe said...

wonderful traditional wedding. the photo that ur brother was lying on the floor is funny la.. i thought only bride will have that position. hahaha

Cyren said...

Hi, thanks for dropping by! And wow, this is the first time I've seen pictures of a Malay traditional wedding (none of my friends are marrried hehe) and the outfits worn by the bride and groom are simply gorgeous! Weddings are often a very emotional time for everyone but they are also very beautiful! All the best to your brother and his wife :)

Dewi Batrishya said...

Zoe: ya. ZOMBIE like. XP hahaha..

Cyren: My pleasure. Glad u enjoyed it.

Thanks for dropping by. :D

Santafire said...

congrats to your bro^^

˙·٠•●♥ Stephanie ♥●•٠·˙ said...

Wish the newly married couple to live happily ever after :)


...almost makes me cry!

Glo-w~* said... make me cry too! just attended a beautiful wedding too, though in a hotel but everyone was so nice n friendly^^ love weddings

luxperpetua said...

congrats to your baby bro.
and i feel like 'eh,kawen sudah?'
while the fact that u said (2008) he could sing she's gone with the perfect key felt like u just told me yesterday.hee~

Aly89 said...

Cannot wait for yours!!! (^^) got blue eyes :P

Fanzi Ruji said...

when is ur turn? hehe.