BLast from the PaSt!

Do you know what this is??


It's a 'magical' thing during my childhood.





I'm not talking bout Astro Boy. (~.~)






Bubbles are a phenomenon of nature, 

and What-A-Phenomenon it is! :)


Check out this Amazing guy who made a living out of BLowing BubbLes.

It's so amazing that there's even a soap bubble competition!

I remember we used to play bubbles at home & at school 
whenever we can get our hands on em'.

It doesn't matter if it gets too hot or too cold outside...

Even if it rains or it's Pitch Black outside....

Bubbles can still be Fun!!

In those days, we could easily get a bottle of soap bubble for 50cents.

Now, it's RM2.00 per bottle. (O.O)

I bet there are other cheaper ones out there than 
the one that my friend bought here. :P

But it has become a rare item these days...

in da Urban Areas surprisingly.

I wOnder why..... (O.o)


I guess, these kinds of stuff aren't as trendy as Nintendo or Gameboy.


Just look at How it makes people Happy!


I guess,

Two things that truly can make people happy are
good memories and good companies. 


"Money isn't everything. BUT. Everything needs money" - True enough


Aly89 said...

Let's hv a bubble party! Uish, sounds wrong 0_0 lol

Dewi Batrishya said...

Hahahahah.. Pajama Party with BUBBLes!! Muahahaha.. Should be fun! XP

syam said...

haha sot c ash. bubbles weeee

Fanzi Ruji said...

BUBBLESSSSSSSSSS!!! the astroboy is still here with me.. hehehe..

- zuriey - said...

ingat apa tadi..budak2 suka main ni

KiFli si Dolce said...

its time for bubble party yeay love those video just now...

Dewi Batrishya said...

Haha. yeah.. It was fun playing with bubbles... ^^

luxperpetua said...

bubbles of happiness

Laila said...

haha! so cute!! ^^

YUL said...

hoho, teringat time kecik2 dulu,

domokun said...

ya..i love bubbles when i was small but now i dislike it lol it makes me sticky because of the soap><LOL

zuar said...

soknyee main buih2..hek3

si para para said...

teringat masa kecik kecik dulu...
bila dah besar dah segan nak main..