Toxic Blabber

I'm sort of feeling a bit 'hangover'.. plus/slash I feel like floating..
No, I'm not drunk.. I'm on drugs..

No! you psycho! I'm not a drug addict.. XD
I'm slightly feverish at the moment & it rains like waterfall down my nose trills..

Never the less... I miss writing...

This might sound a little nonsensical..
and do forgive my offensiveness.. (if there's any)

What do you notice in a person at first sight?
The face? The body? The outfit? The behaviour? The personality?

Typical me, I notice the face first..
simply because, it's the first thing I lay my eyes upon..
To be exact, it has been a habit of mine to stare straight into the eyes..

From that pair of eyes.. you can see through the soul of someone..
That is when u connect with them.. :)
LOL.. do I sound corny? Ha! Ha!

This is just an honest writing.. do forgive my corny-ness.. he.. he..

From those eyes,
I move on to observe how they act and speak..
You can tell that they are being real or being fake
through few indications...

Watch their body language..
They are leaning forward to hear what you say, or to tell you something,
that is a good sign. It tells that they are keen on getting to know you more.

Conversely, when they kept a safe distant throughout the conversation,
they might be timid and shy.. no need to pull away from them..
give some time for them to warm up.. :)

LOL, why am I writing all these stuff..?
NVM.. I'll just keep on sharing through experiences.. ;)

You can tell that someone is interested in you when their pupil dilated.
Meaning, their eyes got bigger & u can almost see stars in them.. ha! ha!

Do look into people's eye when you are conversing with them..
(Not the crouch or the boobies! but the E.Y.E.S!)

By looking into the eyes or by gazing at someone's face,
It shows that you have confidence
It shows that you have good intentions

BUT PLEASE... don't stare with TOO much Intensity..
(as if u're about to gobble up that person...)
OR Stare with (much Lust that as if u're about to shred their clothes off!)

** Do it subtly..

But of course, situation varies and all of us have our own ways to approach people..
In which ever way you do it, It's all good..

As for me..
I truly appreciate good conversation..
All I seek is honesty, modesty and originality..
Just be yourself..
No need to impress me in any way..

Because, by the end of the day,
both of us will know each other
and remember each other for who we really are.

back to what I really want to share..

We meet people, we get to know them...
Some of them, became our friends..
most people just walk in and out of our lives through insignificant events..
and the memories washes away after some time..
I guess, that's normal..

and Through few significant moments in our lives,
we met someone.... special..

From strangers, to something more..
and in my case, From strangers to strangers again..
again and again and again and again..

Unfortunately, the first thing I see is the last thing I can forget..
and oddly, often times those things haunts me..

I guess, when you developed feelings for someone,
you strengthen those feelings with images of that person or as
you create memories with them, those memories became solid images
that you believed in.. that you often play in your head..
eventually it became something that makes it hard for you to disposed of.

Many people around me are curious..
and sometimes anxious about my relationship status..
LOL.. sometimes I find it rather funny..
Is it that big of a deal? really?

So, while I'm still intoxicated,
Let me pour out some light into the mystery of my life
in hope that people can relate
and understand a lil better..

My past relationships have been like a roller coaster ride..
The beginning is all beautiful and flowery..
it's just as short and fast as how it started..
The rides ends eventually..

But through all that, I have no regrets..
Things happens and I move on..
It's just that, some scars aren't as easily healed..

So, now I'm taking my sweet time,
getting to know people and try as hard not to get into
serious relationship until I am truly certain..

What's the use in making commitment and end up breaking people's heart?
I'm still human..
only monsters would do such thing..
Or.. twisted minded people with fucked up life..

I am aware that the clock is constantly ticking..
But lets not live with any regret..
and enjoy living in each moments...

-------THE END-----
Thanks for your time!