Meet~B0B0 !!

Yes!! Meet boBo!

(pronounced as.. boh-boh as in 'bough' sound)

He's my stuffed-animal-doll-thingy..

I've been wanting to introduce him to the world..

Finally, the Day has c0me!!





Few things that I like about him:

1. He's very quiet...

(never utter a word in his life)


2. He's weird...

(he got a donut shaped mouth that are always left 0pen)
*he told me he liked it that way... easier to breathe*

well, I just think that '''he thinks he's sexy that way..'''

3. He's Freakin' Stylish...

(he got four 'finger like' hair?)
*N0, I'm N0T kidding!*

He just thinks that he has 'killer looks..'
with those so-called-hair sticking out!

*I caught him camwhoring with my cam*



He's real charming with the Ladies...
*I wonder where he got that from*



3. He g0t GROOVE...!

Yes, he's favourite move is:
(The 'Star Finger Pointing' Move!)

*I always tease him coz he ain't got no finger*
But yet..



Mostly, what I like about him is that,

he's a Loyal companion..

Always there when u need him...

I h0pe u g0t your own 'b0b0' in your life.. hee~
-a g00d friend who sticks with u no matter what.. :)


Bee Anor said...

cute super super cute post :)

Dewi Batrishya said...

Nay.. Thanks babe.. ;D