LOVE.. according to ME.

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This Crazy Little thing Called LOVE.


Funny isn’t it? How one thing can turn your world upside down?

It amazes me how this one heart only yearns for that one true love that is almost impossible to find.

It amazes me even more when this one heart can love so many people at once.

It amazes me how fragile we are when we are in Love.

We became stupid, unfit to face reality that stares us in the face.

We became greedy, for Love that aren’t meant for us.

We turn evil and built our happiness on top of others’ misery.

Love blinds us.

Yet, we look for it when ever, where ever…

Love is overrated.

Yet too many people still don’t know the true value of love.

A lot of people suffer from love when the only reason for love is to find peace & happiness.

Where do you base your love?

Appearance? Wealth? Or sheer Lust?

Love is meaningful, Love is meaningless…

Let not thy eyes be blinded by Love that brings thee sadness.

Let not thy fall for false pretenses of human wearing a mask of lies.

Let not thy laugh when other cries.

For love is kind, love is true, love is honest.

Love is everything good in the world.

Let’s not mar the splendor of Love with our dirty intentions.

For love is God’s greatest invention.



—-DewiBatrishya® Original—-


t a u f i k said...

love... is subjective.