Hey, welcome to The.Secret.Diary.of.Me
I rarely update about my most deep, intimate secrets
in a very detailed manner.



I have my secrets

You have your secrets

shoot me with a gucci handbag if there's someone out there
who claims that they don't have any.....

(Lucky mother f-er you...!) (>.<) *Envy*

Secrets usually fall into one of three categories: sexual, mental health-related and failure-related. -Dr. Anita Kelly

As I see it, there are several types of secret:

1#. Secrets you kept and are afraid of getting exposed.

Picture from lostgarden.com

2#. Secrets you kept and don't care if it gets leaked
(Coz, you'd be famous for all the wrong reasons)



Ok, sooo Yesterday, I know. (--___--)
Read more -here-

Not forgetting...

one yummy Secret!!


Secret Recipe!


and Lastly, One very 'exposed' SECRET!!

Jeng!! Jeng!! Jeng!!!


The Victoria's Secret!!!!!

Thanks popolia.com! ^^

"Winning!!" -Quoting Charlie Sheen.. :P


Call it a Secret-sharing or a Confession OR
have a "PART two of my confession" Quoting Usher...

"When you take down some of the things that is burdening your mind or heart, you'll feel better about yourself"-Dewi.B.2011.. ^^

Hence, I wanna Share with YOU.

Yes, you!!!

PostSecret is an avenue to explore women's issues in a deeper, more intimate fashion. The posts provide conversation pieces that enable people to discuss difficult or taboo topics that surround women's issues. Source


Here are some secret sharing-s that we all might be able to relate to:

All photos are courtesy of postsecret.my. :)

So, calling on GiRLs!!
and Other Malaysian Women out there to step up to the plate
& take up this challenge!




I'm not forcing you to do something you don't want.

If you aren't uncomfortable with the idea, walk calmly to the EXIT door.

If u feel unwilling, then Duhh...just don't do it...
How hard is that anyway? XD

I'm in favor of this act because I strongly believe that there are people out there who need to know...


* You have a place to go to *


* You are not alone *


* There are someone out there who cares *

Just think about these questions for a moment:

------- If you could help someone feel better, wouldn't you want to?-------
----- If you could ease your burden, wouldn't you want to?-----




By the way,

did I mention that YOU can share or confess their most private thoughts at the comfort of respect and confidentiality?? Hee..


Send your Secret/s ANONYMOUSLY.

Here are some of my Secret-Sharings:

Or you can say:

Hahahahah....... JK. JK.. XD

Special Thanks to : Ignant.de <--click 4 more photos.
u won't regret it! LOLOL

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