Rayyan Harries Contest!!

Once upon a star,

There lived one funny little thing, doing funny little noise..

The funny thing was, no matter what this thing do in life, everyone adored him.

One day, he decided to give away his secrets hidden inside a HUGE Back-Packs.

So this thing conspired with TheBigSmallBoy, Rayyan Harries!!

They decided to unleash the secret of Happiness to those who really deserve it.


If u think you deserve something special in life,
try out your luck with their simple contest!

I know I am!!
hahah.. ^^

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Rayyan Haries, I want that backpack because I'm gonna kick-start my Travel Journey soon! & I'll be needing a big Back-Pack!!! to put in souvenirs & perhaps, steal away someone's heart too!! ;P huahuahuahua...

P/s: Unless I get the Back-Pack, I wouldn't know the Funny-Little secret. ;P
I NEED to get my hands on that Bag!! XD


Fanzi Ruji said...

After so long, Dewi is finally back. Haha.

Dewi Batrishya said...


Rayyan Haries Aaron Davis said...

thank you!!!!ohmmmmjaaayyyyy!! :D