From Sabahan with Love.

Heyya! Lovers and Haters.. XD

Photos from Islamiology

GyaaHhh~ Cute piccah!!!


Lets kick of this entry with a Story:

Picture from:

**BTW, the names are randomly chose, no offend there**


Tipah: Hello sikit! awak tu dah la miskin, duduk atas pokok. Kawan ngan Orang Utan. Ada hati nak pikat saye!

(Oh, please, you're so poor, living among the trees, befriended with Orang Utan, you dare to entice me!)

Matungging: Ya la. Ndak saya tawu gini pulak kau punya gaya. Mimang sia urang Sabah. Kau ingat semua urang Sabah ni miskin ka. Indada pelajaran. Buduh macam munyit. Kau ini, muka seja cantik tapi hati busuk..... Bagus lagi sia kawan sama munyit!

(Whoa, so this is your true colour. Yes. I am a Sabahan. what? you think that all Sabahans are poor? That we're uneducated? It's a shame that you have the good looks but not have a pure heart to go with that sweet face of yours. Even the monkeys are better compared to you!)


Well, another thing happened to me the other day...


She: Apsal nak jual printer? Printer tu ok lg tak?
Me: OK lagi. Baru beli this year. Dia nak jual, malas nak bawak balik.
She: Owh.. Diorang nak balik mana?
Me: *looking at my friends* Balik sabah
She: *rolled her eyes* *looking at the printer* smirks.


She: Why did she sell off those printer? Is it still OK?
Me: Yes. Those printers are in good condition. She going back home.
She: Oh... where are they going?
Me: *looking at my friends* Back to Sabah
She: *rolled her eyes* *looking at the printer* smirks.


There are few occurrences such as these that I experienced and observed.

It boggles my mind that there are still 'people' who are being prejudice and treat other people like they ain't shit.

well, in this case, the Sabahans...


The BiG question is...

WHY the HATE people!!!???!!

Religion teaches us to Love and Never Hate :)

The way I see it... we should Treat Everyone as we would want to Be Treated.....

Or perhaps.. I am MISTAKEN??????????

I guess...

“All animals are created equal”“......but some animals are more equal.”
---One of the 7 commandments in 'animal farm by George Orwell'

Shit.. I could rant about this all nite long
BUT that is not what I intend to highlight here.


I saw this video:

A lil' girl from SMK Tambunan (somewhere in Sabah State)
Performing for "English week" held at school.



*Evil Mind*

(Lets make her viral and put "Friday" song to Doom!!)

Ok.. ok.. not promoting 'hatred'.
Jeezz.. Chill.. ^^

All jokes aside, I really feel that Sabahans are underrated.

The only way to know someone, is to get to know them.
and that no 'one person equals everybody'.

If you are open minded, and willing to accept others despite the differences, then, Good for you. Keep it up! ^^

If you are... lets say, 'the opposite'... and you don't see other people as more deserving than your selfish self, then, pity you. There's nothing good will come out of hatred. ^^



Here are some pretty powerful voices of Sabah.

I chose the best for your listening pleasure.

**BTW, some songs are sung in the local Sabahan dialects, like the Kadazan-Dusun language. So, you might not understand it much. But you can still enjoy their Vocals and Music.

First up,

Jo-anna Sue Henley Rampas

I first heard her sing when I was 11.
She came for a singing competition at our school.
She's been singing since... 5? I suppose.

Or perhaps songs from more familiar Sabahan artists...

Linda & Marsha (from RealityShow AF)

Singing my fav kadazan-dusun Song:

"Kosorou kopo nangku doho" = "Do you still remember me?"
Originally by Jestie Alexius

**BTW, I'm a Malay.. so I don't understand either. :)

Seriously, just close your eyes and listen to their vocals...
You'd be blown away.


More songs from Sabahans you'd want to check out:

Another fav by Sabbhi Saddi : Nadiku (My pulse)


My latest favourite:

Salma from The RealityShow MENTOR

Awesome voice!!!! ^^


Last but not least.

My talented friend, Fanzi Ruji

singing Fairytale by Alexander Rybak.

A humble singer. Do show him support! :)








In spite of our creed, or differences
will you hear our VOICES?


hans said...

ada lagi ek macam tu
pelik betul
sebab member2 ku ramai dari sarawak n sabah....

Kendra Bing said...

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Dewi Batrishya said...

Hans: Yessss... (Y.Y)
Kendra: Thanks for droppin' by with ur spam. :P

Fadzmie Mohamad said...

So far, semua kawan-kawan Semenanjung aku teda yang berperangai macam tu. Sebab dorang sendiri nampak yang Sabahans tu ada yang jauh lagi kaya dari dorang sendiri. LOL.

ahmad endo said...

kat sarawak pun sama...tapi aku buat cool je...hahaha

Ronaldmohoni said...

Mr.R juga Sabahan People. Pernah study kat Melaka, dan mempunyai keluarga angkat kat sana. Memang ada segelintir individu bersikap sedemikian. Tapi, buat macam biasa jeh.

Kelvin said...

So what if u are underrated? Its even better this way, no one will find trouble with u, only with those overrated/overshine ppl XD

Dewi Batrishya said...

Endo & Ronald: I Am just stating the obvious. ;) Usually I let it slide, but someone needs to address certain issues. :)

Kelvin: underrated here means, under appreciated. :P But what u said make sense. ^^