Stone Soup


The Plot and the Characters  is purely Fictional. This narration is solely for educational (part of my Course requirement) & entertainment purposes. Reader's Discretion is advised! :D

Enuff said!

.................................SO THE.STORY BEGIN................................




Beep… Beep... Beep… The life support machine keeps on singing monotonous tune to entertain anyone who enters the room. The wall is bare and cold. There he lay, on the bed. Alone… Unmoved by the chaos of his surrounding. Unperturbed by all hustle and bustle of white collar doctors and nurses.

Annie screamed inside. She yearns for a smile on that face. His jokes always make her day. It was three years ago that faith brought them together. It was a youth camp where he was one of the facilitator.

“Tonight, we will be sleeping in tents. I want all scouts to put up their tents and get comfortable. Because tonight is ‘not… like the usual night’!” he smiled. Annie could have sworn she heard he dragged his last words for a reason. Like he’s hinting something…

As he walked across the girl scouts, he stopped for a while and said “Oh, I forgot to tell you guys that dinner is waiting in cans and you may need to light up fire on your own. Don’t worry, we will give you a box of matches to make life easier” he smirked. His eyes were filled with something mischievous but Annie just couldn’t figure it out.

It was an exhausting day for all of them. 4 hours journey into the camping site and they had to walk deep into the jungle to find a flat land to camp up. It’s Annie and her friends’ first experience with nature. If it wasn’t compulsory, they would rather have pajama party at Annie’s house or make a prank calls on their friends.

“Here” He said… “Use it wisely or the night will be Looooong for you guys” He chuckled. Annie took the match box. “Thanks a lot” she replied. 

“It’s not 'a lot' but, you’re welcome!” His mischievous smile never left his face and the he sang ‘No woman no cry’ and disappeared from her sight.

It was almost dark; they managed to put up the tent though they struggled at the beginning. Everyone was exhausted and hungry. Now they have to cook the canned food. Annie reached for the match box and to her surprise; there were only 4 sticks of matches! The girls’ mouth gapped open. Tired and hungry, the girls gathered woods and tried to light a fire.

They did just like what they saw on TV. It all seemed almost too easy in theory. They lit up the first match and burn the dried leaves and smokes started to gather… Happy, they started blowing on it and the leaves was engulf in fire. They put more dry woods and they have a good fire for the whole night. “Not bad for a first timer huh?” Annie said. They all laughed in delight.

While the other scouts were still struggling, the girls opened up the canned food. It was red beans, a mushroom soup, and small sardines. “How are we going to survive on these?” one of the girls asked. There was a moment of silence and the girls were looking at each other. “Well, it’s better than nothing…” Annie broke the silence.

Minutes later, food is almost ready and it’s time to boil the soup. While Annie was stirring the soup, “Pluck!” a stone fall from nowhere and into the soup! Annie was shocked! The hot soup could’ve splashed on her face! “Ops! My bad! Sorry about your soup. I was trying my gun-slinging skills” He laughed. “Enjoy your dinner though!” and he took off! Other groups tried to conceal their laugh.

After dinner, all scouts gathered for the next activity. “I guess you guys are all excited because tonight we will start our camp activity. We will have a bonfire tonight. Hans will explain more about it. “ The main instructor said. “So that’s his name!” Annie muttered alone, still in rage. “Hello again people, so for tonight’s activity, each group will come up with a motto and a theme song for their group. We will have an ice breaking session and you guys will be entertaining us.” He chuckled.

Their eyes were locked for a moment. “And….” He continued “I hope you guys had your lovely dinner and for those who haven’t, don’t worry; we will give out breads and chocolates to aid your stomach” he grinned, then continued “and maybe you can have a ‘Stone Soup’ courtesy of the girls’ group here” hinting Annie and the girls. There was a loud cheer from the crowd and others were amused.

Beep…! Beep…! Beep…! Beep…! All machinery went havoc! Annie was stunned for a while. “Help!” she almost didn’t hear herself. “Help!” even louder now. The nurses rushed in then the doctor came. Annie was told to wait outside. Helpless and alone. She tried to gather all strength she can muster, but the thin wall of her eyes just couldn’t keep up with her heavy flowing tears. “What have I done?”…

A week after the youth camp, Annie got a call. “Hey you! How’s life?” Annie was confused but she replied none the less “Fine, I guess. May I know whose calling?” There was a chuckle at the other line. “I’m just calling to check up on you and… to apologize about the Stone Soup” chuckled again. “Oh, Hans is it?” “Whoa! U remembered my name; you must’ve had a crush on me or something!” He burst out laughing. “What…..” Annie was perplexed.

“I know, I know. Hey, how about Lunch? It’s on me. I really feel bad that you were still angry at me during the last day of camp. Pizza near Papa John’s, Palm Street? Say around…one?? Great! I’ll wait for you there! Bye!” Click! The phone ended. Still baffled, Annie was speechless. She almost ignored his invitation if it wasn’t for her guilty conscience. Plus, Pizza near Papa John’s is not too far away from her place. “Heck! Why not”…

More nurses went in and out with bloody bandages and the smell reeked out of the room. Annie wanted to help but she knew that there’s nothing that she could possibly do. “It’s my fault! Damn it!” She punched the wall and she almost didn’t feel anything at that moment. She was engulfed in guilt and remorse. She repented her decision. She sensed that something might go wrong but still she went with the plan. Deep inside, she is shrieking! She’s too afraid to lose him. “Please God, just save him.”

Lunch with him that day was a great day to remember. They had a great time quarreling over the menu, reminiscing about the youth camp, and they shared stories of their lives. Soon, there were more days like that where they could just hang out and have fun together. It was a year after that that he proposed to her. Annie was delighted but her studies came first. So they decided to just continue dating.

The day of Annie’s convocation, he proposed again. This time, Annie just doesn’t have the heart to say no to him for the second time. They were going to break the news to their family and make it official.

“It’s going to be a HUGE news!” he smiled. Almost pleased with himself.

“But, are you sure you want to tell your family now? You can just call them you know”

He laughed. Delighted it seems. “My mom would kill me if I don’t break the news to her personally!”

He added “It’s just an hour ride to my hometown. Come on stone soup girl! You’re not having cold feet are you?” He laughed again.

“But it’s almost nine…. I don’t...” 

“No more excuses ok. Let’s just surprise them with this happy news!” he smiled.

“You are loosing your mind. You are crazy” Annie chuckled.

“Yes I am!” He declared. “I am Crazy!” He smiled. “I’m Crazy over you!” Annie was flushed.

30 minutes past them by. Its quarter past ten now. The radio entertained both nervous hearts. “Hey… my favourite song!” He put the volume up and sang along; making cute funny faces. Annie was amused. He continued on…

“As it was, log would burn on through the night.

Then we would cook ‘Stone Soup’

Of which I'll share with you.

My feet is my only carriage.

So I've got to push on thru

Oh, while I'm gone…


BAMMM! An SUV ram on to them from the driver’s side! Everything went blurry. Annie could feel Hans’ body hugging her tight, almost protecting her. She could feel a hot liquid on her palm then everything went blank. The song continues…


“Everything’s gonna be alright, everything’s gonna be alright.

Everything’s gonna be alright, everything’s gonna be alright.

So no woman no cry, no, no woman no cry…”


Annie woke up in the hospital bed, unharmed. Frantically she asked for him to the nurses and they showed her. He was plugged into the life support machine. She’s been unconscious for 2 hours the nurse explained. “The doctor fears that you might have a concussion…” Annie just couldn’t focus on the voice. It disappeared into the background. There he lay; his face is bruised. Almost fully covered with bandages. Still breathing…

That is all that she can remember after the accident. Annie has been waiting for almost half an hour now. She kept on praying for him. Still hoping that everything’s going to be alright. That she can still hear his voice just once more. Hear his jokes and witness the shine in his eyes. She’s counting on the minutes and flashbacks of their memories just hit her hard. With each memory, she suffers more. “God, please save him…” she’s shaking now. She can heart her heart breaking apart.

The nurses pushed through the door, carrying with them all the equipments. Annie’s becoming almost frantic now. Then the doctor came up to her… Her heart skipped few beats… She ran inside and slowly reached him. There was a smile in his face. Annie was in disbelief. She’s crushed. The doctor’s words rang in her ears. “He’s gone. I’m so sorry. I am very sorry…”

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