Bootee and The Blitz

This story is adapted from the fairy tale (La Belle et la Bête) by Jeanne-Marie Le Prince de Beaumont. This is just a free narration I made out of my desperation to finish my assignment for Creative writing class. The Characters and my storyline are purely fictional. So please, don’t sue me. Enjoy! :)


Once upon our time, there lives a beautiful girl, Bootee. She’s the hottest maiden in town. Bootee loves reading and yearns for a life beyond the village.   She lives with her father in a small flat. They are happy. They take care of each other. Just the two of them.

A billion light years away from there, there lives a Prince. The most hideous prince known to planet Pluto. His name is Blitz a.k.a Blitzkrieg. Blitz’s nose is slightly upward. Every time light meteor shower hits, he’s the only one who gets suffocated (due to the debris stuck in his nostrils). His eyes bulge out of the socket every time he sneezes. Blitz’s decided to end his suffering. He tries to make an appointment from renowned plastic surgeon on planet earth, Dr.Dre.

So Blitz agreed to take a trip to planet earth. Dr.Dre fixed an appointment for Blitz next month since he’s fully booked by Mars Hip Hop Legend, Eminem. While going for sight seeing on planet earth, Blitz saw Bootee… He decided to capture her as souvenir. He brought her back to the castle.

Locked up in the castle, Bootee was accompanied by weird animate objects like the teacup set, the clock, the candle holder, even the wardrobe speaks to her. This scared the bejeezer out of her the first time around. Within hours they became friends. And Bootee discovers that Blitz is actually a lonely soul with no friends.

The story goes that one day, an enchantress disguised as an old beggar woman offers Blitz a rose in exchange for a night's shelter. When he turns her away, she transforms him ugly and turns his servants into furniture and other household items. She gives him a magic mirror that will enable him to view faraway events, and also gives him the rose, which will bloom until his 21st birthday. He must love and be loved in return before all the rose's petals have fallen off, or he will remain ugly forever.


The candle holder gives Bootee a tour of the castle. When she finds the rose in a forbidden area, Blitz angrily chases her away. Frightened, Bootee tries to escape, but she is attacked by booger (a green-yellowish creature that lives in a cave called nostrils - go figure.. (-.-)" After Blitz rescues her, she nurses his wounds, he gives her the castle library (?) as a gift, and they become friends.


Later, they have an elegant dinner and a romantic ballroom dance to celebrate Blitz’s 21st birthday. When he lets her use the magic mirror, she sees her father sick and frail, with only hours left before the rose wilts, the Beast allows her to leave. This horrifies the servants, who fear they will never be normal again. As he watches her leave, Blitz admits to his servants that he loves Bootee. Little did he know, Blitz’s arch enemy, Gastong plotted to kill Blitz and dethrone him around midnight.


Gastong slid into the castle, finds Blitz sobbing at the make up table and attacks him from behind. (Urm.... not ‘that’ kind of attack…(-.-)" Moving on…) Blitz who is initially too depressed to fight back, regains his will when he hears Bootee arriving at the castle. After winning a heated battle, Blitz spares Gastong’s life and climbs up to a balcony where Bootee is waiting. (ok.. storyline getting weird) Gaston follows Blitz and stabs him from behind, (again… not ‘that’ kind of stabbing.. (-.-)" but loses his footing and falls to his death.


As Blitz dies from his injuries, Bootee whispers that she loves him, breaking the spell just before the last petal drops from the rose. Blitz comes back to life, and he and the servants become normal again. So he canceled his appointment with Dr. Dre and fixed an appointment with a wedding planner instead.



Note to self:

Need some adjusting to do before I submit this piece. Ermm…

What do you think?


acsonrobin said...

A very nice parody, dewi! paling kurang aku dpt bc parody fairy tales yg berbeza. latar cerita & nama watak mmg berbeza sama skali tp elemen2 cerita mmg dr citer Beauty & The Beast. readers will be able to know the original story even thouh you don't tell them. erm kalo ko slalu berkarya & nak kongsi dgn lbh byk org serta ada copyright, apa kata daftar masuk ke aku, zaidi, ikram ada di situ.

p/s: utk klas Creative Writing, aku & Pon buat parody Hansel & Gretel tp ianya parody serius. haha.

Dewi Batrishya said...

Hahaha.. I can't do serious stories..
My ball doesn't roll that way.. :P hekhek
But yeah.. been thinking bout doing something chiling and scary.. ^^ *dunno when* hihi

For this asgment I have to write according to the story line. so it's kind of restricted. -.-

I've Tried but couldn't understand a thing.. mwahahahaha...

syam said...

sorry dew dew.. i havent had the time to really sit down properly and read ur updates. but honestly i read this b4. its jz dat i didnt manage to leave a comment :(

back to this post. i noted many (-.-) unsur tut disini Lol!

like this one -
stabs him from behind, (again… not ‘that’ kind of stabbing.. (-.-)"

Lol! noty u!

Dewi Batrishya said...

Aigoo... it's ok liao..
U, reading my rubbish is enough oredi. :)
Thanks for dropping by my abandoned blog.. :P

I'm not noty... Just inspired.. :P
Thanks again! ^^

Yodz de Veas Insigne said...

awesome! Fairy tales (especially its parodies) never fails to amuse me.
It's like bringing the child out of me -- in a new age way!
Thanks for sharing it Dewi.