You know when sometimes you just feel like being yourself,
but there's someone who just don't seem to agree with the idea of that..
They don't put it into words but you can just feel it since, 
'action speaks louder than words'.
Deep in your heart, you wish you could say "fcuk off!" in their face.
But you're too polite and too poised. You know what's right and wrong.
You know that you're much better than that. 

As always, I wrote a poem that maybe, many of us can relate.
Hope that we can find strength within ourself to stand for what we believe in,
without worrying about what people might think or say.
After all, they don't live the life we have. WE DO...







Accept me for who I am.

For I would not ask more from you.

This is me.

You might not see me through.

Not if I don't want you to.


Judge me not.

For Judging is GOD's work.

HE made me this way..

The special person that I am.


I'm strong with many weaknesses..

I'm  Blessed with many things in life.

But cursed with many imperfections.

I'm unique in my own way.


I'm not asking the world to understand me.

All I ask is for the world to allow me in it's existence.

For I exist among all things living and breathing.



So, accept me for who I am.

For I would not ask more from you.






Originally by: DewiBatrishya®


:: Not Perfect. anD. Don't intenD to Be One ::


alvinontherocks said...

Nice poem. I sure can relate to it. Just note to never give in to peer pressure and just be yourself :) After all, you are who you are and what others say do not define who you!

surfs'up - alvinontherocks

- koroe - said...

poem ni mcm sedey ngan sikap orang laen je..haha.tak bape paham.tapi paham sket2 la kot..hehe

syam said...

F U! i so like that phrase now :p
i think we need to watch a movie yg kasi kluar anak tekak smbik ketawa. HAHAHAHA

chairooL ruLez said...

hoho..da boley jadi cameraman daaa....hahahhaaha....