I'm Nominated?

Oh god. It feels like forever since the last time I write anything.

Now I have to clean up some cob web in my blog.
*Cough* Cough* Sorry, bloggie… ^^

Most of all, I feel like my writing skill is suffering miserably. *sigh*

Well, where do I start? : P

I couldn’t get in touch with the outside world. Globally I mean…
Because there’s no coverage for my pricey w1max broadband in kk (Kota Kinabalu) yet...

It’s not like I’m wrapped in a box or thrown in jail or something. Hiks…

My phone is behaving like shit. Oh what to do. =.= It’s cheap… Ha! Ha!

As if all technology is failing me. Turning their back on me all so sudden : (

Gosh, sounds like I complain too much! Ha. Ha. It’s just… I’m kinda used to have the comfort of using my broadband everywhere I go. Huhuhu... W1max is only so COOL to use in ‘several places’ in peninsular. In kk? It’s no where to be seen. Yet…. Ha. Ha. That Sucks!

The walk to the nearest cyber café feels like forever to reach. When in reality, it just takes about 7 minutes drive from my house. Then, why am I too freakin’ lethargic to move about... u may ask?

Nope, NOT because I’m gaining weight & now my bum stuck on my couch. : P

It’s just some pretty wonderful things happened to me during all this while... : D

All technological/personal/professional/rodent problems...? You name it! They all just seemed to disappear in thin air. YeeHaa!

Oh… and yeah, I really need to grab those driving license A.S.A.P!!

SooOo NOT in the mood to take the public transportation in kk. Seems too complicated these days. *sigh* What happened to the Good-Old-Days?
Everything was much simple & fast then. Not much of a hassle.

The HOT weather in kk is slightly better than in Shah Alam. I sure feel lot better surrounded by nature. I LOVE having Mango trees around my house! The time I came home, is the exact time my favorite mango Ripe! Just my Luck! Tastes so sweet!

I don’t live deep in the forest like what u see in Avatar. & I don’t befriend with Orang Utan (not that I don’t want to). LOL

After a long Hibernation period, I finally came out of my hiding and secretly using my bro’s company’s wifi. Just because it’s accessible & FREE! He.. He.. He.. : P

A quick update on my life so far,

Under the Moon

My lil bro brought me to Tg.Aru Beach around 9pm.
We ate & he let me play alone by the seashore.
Like a kid, I ran; played with the sand, felt the cold water under my feet.
Stared at the moon and stars. Felt the breeze on my face.
Sing along the shoreline while having a cold cheese tart.
He watched me. Maybe he got a lot on his mind too.
My lil bro is all grown up now.
I left him & continue to wet my feet.
Found myself just staring at the stars. He came to me & I sang alone. He smiled.
I splashed the water. We were both wet.
People watched us & we just laugh.
We walked together. Soon, it was time to go home.
He speeded up on the highway. I felt the rush of air on my face.
The bike is new. LOL. I Love it!

Movie Marathon

GrowBall Cinema!
Sounds nasty but it’s My fav place on earth!
The cheapest place to watch all your latest movies!
RM5 per movie. The most expensive would be RM7.
The crowd was cheerful. The atmosphere was lively. I love the energy.
A small place with a lot to offer. : )

I met few familiar faces. Rekindled back few friendships with dear old friends...
All the memories came back to me like it was yesterday.
We were so young & we used to share everything.
Now it seems that we have fewer things to talk about.
But it was nice to talk to each other & I hope everyone is doing well in their life.
Hope to reunite with everyone in the future. : )

Most importantly, I get to spend my holiday with my Family.
My mom was excited. So was my two big bro.
My mom seemed Happy. Been so long since I hugged her tight. I hold her hands.
My bro made sure. There’s nothing for us to worry. Everything is paid for.
I couldn’t be happier...
It’s good to go out Together once more.
It’s good that we forget all problems for a while.
In the future, I wonder if we will get the chance again…

Snake Handlers

Yesterday I had the shock of my life.
My big bro said he found a COBRA in his room.
It was small yet it can be deadly.

(The closest picture of that creature that I can find)

My lil bro came to the rescue.
Funny because he had a smile on his face.
Seemed all too eager to catch the snake.
I remembered how he ran & Hopped his way to my big bro’s room and
caught the snake with his bare hands.
It was a Baby Cobra & I almost had a seizure. LOL

My lil bro released the thing & I was grateful that nothing bad happened.

A Job?

I was looking for a job because I am officially BROKE! : P
But after some time being pampered by my bros, in the end, I decided to be a Lazy Bum. I figured that I ‘studied hard’ for very long that I should ‘rest hard’ while I can. ^^ He. He. He.
Thanks for pampering me everyone! Huhuhu...
This is why I love to be back at home! :D

The Nomination?

I am nominated as one of the finalis in the running for the Borneo Bloggers Awards!!!!!

Seriously didn’t expect that. But I am truly honored to be a part of it.
On and off, it’s almost 5 months since I started blogging. I am truly humbled by this.

Thanks to Syam for struggling to reach me any way possible to break the good news..
She said I’ve been missing in action for weeks! Huhu… Sorry for the troubles.
I was in hibernation mode. : P

To those who encourages me to do the best of my ability, I appreciate that.
Thanks a bunch for all the support!

I should be starting a campaign like, few weeks ago!
Huhu.. I just found out yesterday. =.=

So, I am OFFICIALLY inviting all my family and friends
& fans (if I have any) to VOTE for me. Ehee..

So, VOTE FOR ME!? Ngee.. ^^

To Help VOTE for me:

STEP 1: Go to this site!

STEP 2: Search under 'PERSONAL' Category.

STEP 3: Click on 'Secret Diary of ME' (which is my BLog) :)

STEP 4: Click VOTE!

That's it!

This takes few seconds only!
Sorry for any inconveniences (if there's any) ^^

To VOTE for The.Secret.Diary.of.ME

And, THANK YOU vewy vewy vewy much from the deepest pit of my Heart. :D


Soon.. I'll share more about my Holiday. :)
Do you know there was a Dragon ship Race in KK!!?
Perhaps, I should write more on that!? Stay tuned! :D
Ciao for now! Muuuaxss!


syam said...

no biggie my dear. happy dat we cud gather and meet up like the old days..pdhal baru 1 bulan. hahahaha

lets do it again and ask fanzie to pay ! hahahaha

GladysDavid said...

WOW. THat's one long post XD
Glad that you're back to the virtual world :)

Ps: Try GSC Suria Sabah. THat's my new favourite place hehehe.

Dewi Batrishya said...

Syam: sure!Lets do that! HaHaHHa..
GLadys: will go there before going back to Shah Alam.. :)

ohmywtf said...

haha..so ur jfook competitor then? :-P

jfook said...

ohmywtf- She is in personal category. I'm in travel and food category. Won't compete lah LOL

Dewi Batrishya said...

ohmywtf: Not competing with each other.. huhu
jFook: voted for you too! :)

Lean said...

Dropping by ere Dewi.. =)..

Dewi Batrishya said...

Thanks for dropping by. :)

Hilda Milda said...

Congrats on the nomination (; Good luck!

kenwooi said...

wow cool you got nominated!
awesome and all the best =)

Dewi Batrishya said...

Thanks all! ^^