Chick Memoirs on FiFa!!




If you guys out there anticipate some kind of HOT pictures of chicks,
turn away from the page now because you'll only be disappointed. :P

On second thought...


Just Scroll down





OK, There!

Ain't they HOT?

Photo: ROC/Fame Pictures

LOLOL.. Look at me corrupting the innocent mind of my readers..
*half apologizing*

Somehow I just keep coming back here to drop some news & share some things cause I can't shake the urge to write..

Long story short,

It's FiFa Madness and I am going Crazy.. Seriously!

My biological Clock is 'tempered' with... "again".. LOL

I've been up all night and seemingly to only fall asleep when the sun finally rises.
Yeah.. E! True Malay-wood Story. :P

What's been keeping me up??

Yeah.. U've guessed it right!!


I've been following it since the very 1st match! HakHak..
It's not my 1st world cup but somehow this year have a "different vibe" to it.

I get so excited and anticipate that My Fav team to eventually win the Trophy!!

Keeping myself up for the 2.30am matches doesn't seem to be a hassle.
I guess, I am so 'immune' to having 'irregular-sleep-hours', that waking up at strange hours in the morning seemed all so 'natural'.


Me and my brothers became addicted to watching all the matches.
Everyone else watches us in vain while we would shout and scream almost all of a sudden.
Soon, we found them screaming to goals & shout at fouls even louder than us. huhuhu

It is seriously funny watching our cats tries to catch the players & chew on the tv screen coz they can't stand watching constant movements they've witnessed. LOL. So Cute! ^^

Even cuter when my 2years old nephew laughs heartily at every players that tumbles down. Hihihihi.. I wish I could capture those moments. :)


My "Most Likely to WIN" List..........

My Fav Barca player, L.Messi keeps winning my attention when he consistently performed well in every match. Despite not having much Luck scoring for the team, he has been truly an astonishing player & a crucial team member.


Picture Courtesy of

Sergio Romero has been a splendid Goal Keeper for the team. With experienced, key players like Veron, Teves, Higuain, Bolatti, & other players, I am sure ARGENTINA will be a tough act to follow. :D

So, This year I have faith that Argentina will give 10'000% in all upcoming matches & perhaps, will be the winner this year! LOLOL.. Still too early to say anything.. we'll see how it goes.. :D

There's been a rumor going around about Argentina's coach, a football Living Legend, Diego Maradona, that "he'll run around NAKED if Argentina wins FiFa2010!" -unknown source

Hakhak.. I'm too lazy to search for the fact. Coz just the thought of Maradona running around without a single thread is very amusing! wakakakaka... LOL.. =.=" This really sound so wrong..

But Still Freaking AMUSING! LMAO!

Photo Courtesy of by Diego Avila

Second on my "most likely to win" List is Brazil!!
Third, will be Spain!!

They have what it takes to give this year's FiFA it's flare & Magic!

I just can't wait to watch the FINAL-FANTABULOUS-DEFINING-MATCH!!!! WeeHoo!!

I must also say that
I am impressed with Japan & Korea Republic's effort & performance they've shown throughout the tournament. They made it to-Round of 16 along with other potential fifa winners!. *CLap2 for representing Asia*
So Proud of them for getting through this far! :D

All suffering & anticipation will end on Sunday, July 11. The Final Match!
I just cant wait to watch all exciting matches!

Until the next urge to write.. :P


syam said...

i dun watch fifa but i keep my fingers crossed for Brazil :)

Dewi Batrishya said...

Ahahaha.. Nice Pick!
If you watch them play, You'd be very proud.. :D

Deanona said...

haha kdg2 sa pun pandai bgn jam 2 p tgk bola. abg sa pun heran. hehe. btw, i support Brazil! woohoo~!

zati said...

aku sokong brazil!!! kaka sangat kiut men :p hahaha

Dewi Batrishya said...

Huahuahua.. Brazil winning the world cup would be Amazing!
But ARGENTINA kicking Brazil's butt would be even more fantastic!! hehe

kenwooi said...

i got no astro i rarely watch the matches.. =P

Dewi Batrishya said...

Ken taiko:
soon, all the matches will be aired on TV. No worries.. u won't miss the rest of the amazing matches! :D

Eza Rashid said...

watever dey do,,,the most i luv n support s brasil,,,go brasil go!ehhheheh,,,,here n commented,,,

San said...

Thanks for popping by my blog! Haha! I am no WC fan like you, but my shouts are solidly behind Brazil! ^^

Lynnardo da Lynzzie said...

thanks for dropping by ! nang-ed ! :)
hhahaha... I'm sure you are all hyped up for these whole fifa season..!
enjoy while u can..
i can't watch coz i'm in the midst of exams season.. sobs

Dewi Batrishya said...

whoa.. everyone rooting for Brazil! yeahh!! ^^

Dewi Batrishya said...

Good Luck for your exams Lynnardo da Lynzzie!!!!!!

Jard The Great said...

interesting.. ehehe.. messi is on my list of HOT FIFA guys.. do check it out. =p

Jard The Great said...

Dict MFG said...

just the fact that you found a pic of naked maradona boggles me to no end...makes me think of what you googled to find that pic -_-

Zuan said...


Zuan said...

im rooting for germany and argentina this time :)

Dewi Batrishya said...

@Dict: "I just typed in Maradona"... and *Puff* the magic happens. :P

@Zuan: They're going to battle each other & I Really Really Really Really hope to see maradona nake...
ehem.. I mean.. Really hope to see Argentina win! :D

QuiRkY-Malaysia said...

Woahhh... they finally found the 3 missing angels!

Azizan said...

in HD :D

Dewi Batrishya said...

It's always funny hearing messi says that.. :P