Where I Belong...

So here I am. 
LIVE from our House in Shah Alam.
Alone without anyone... 
Oddly, I feel so idle.
Battling a sudden illness.... *sigh*

This headache & fever come-n-go as it wishes... 
Seriously killing me softly..

Went to the Clinic & the verdict?
"Post Exam Fever" =.='
Yeah, I guess, that could be the problem..

Just finished our exam & I haven't been eating properly.
Thus, came the Major Headache. 
(seriously think that my head was gonna explode! 
or at least, split into two)

The medicine? 
Pain killer for my Headache.. & Camgesic for my muscles?
well, whatever it is, it is working somehow.
Thanks Doc!

Thanks Zatie & Shaz for getting all worried..
They are cuter when they care.. hehe..

Thanks Kak Zai & her friend
for forcing me to go to the clinic when
 I barely have the energy to move.

I'm missing home..
will be going back approximately 24 hours from now.

What do I expect?
KK welcomes me with the friendliness of it's people..
The marvels of its architecture..
The beauty of its nature..


what I need the most?

A warm hug from my mom..
The Laughs & silly bullying from my brothers..
The delicious delicacies that awaits me.

Here is
 something I wrote few days ago:

I guess I must've miss home so much.. hehe..

WARNING: This might sound cliche.. eheks.. :)
Reach Out your hand..

Take me to the safest Place..
Where everyone accepts me.

Where no one can hurt me.

Make me feel safe in your arms..

Hold me tight..

Hug me close..
Sweep away my tears..

Shoo away my fears..

Chase away the ghost.

Give me what i yearn the most..

To be in your arms again..

The Place where I feel safe the most..

Home is where I belong: DewiBatrishya®


Santafire said...

Get well soon.
P la tidur berabis.

Dewi Batrishya said...

Yeah.. slowly recovering.. :)

zuan said...

welcome home :)
enjoy ur hols... tk cr

Aly89 said...

Dui....dat's not post exam fever...that's homesick...kesian. Jgn ko pengsan 1 org d rumah tu sdh...

Get well soon...just a few more days. Hwaiting! U can do it! (>.<)

akuseniman said...

kota kinabalu?
btw,thx for visiting my blog:)

Dewi Batrishya said...

@Zuan: U tooo! ^^

@ALy: Hehe.. Faint at home? That would be scary.. =P
I'm coming homeeeeeeee! XD

@akuseniman: Yeap.. Kota Kinabalu. The Land bel0w the wind. :)

syam said...

yay yay dewi sda balik yay yay!