Almost Cried in KTM!

Few days ago, I went out on a date with my DarLing Girlfriends...

While waiting for the KTM to come & sweep us away to FUN-Land, 


Something grabbed my attention:

Owh.. what’s that lovely Pink Thingy…


Owh, look, there’s more…


LOL! IT’S THE “Ladies Coach!” 


It comes with different Language also! 

Ouh.. so CooL!


Then we went in the Train & it was crowded as usual. But I smiled.. “atleast I am safe with the company of only females”.. I thought to myself..

“No more ‘unintended’ booty touching!” “No more ‘unintended’ booby rubbing!” “No more sweaty, heavy-breathing-down-your-neck pricking pervert!”


Yeah.. I can breath a sigh of relief now..

“HaHaHaHa..” a Guy laughed. 

He was sitting, & one Lady near him was standing.


Aikk?!  was my mind playing a trick on me just now? 

Wasn’t this supposed to be a ‘Ladies Coach’. What’s a dick doing here anyway? 

Sitting & Laughing with his girlfriend while one Lady just stands there, & grabbing on to a chair he was sitting to keep her balance?



 Perhaps, he was protecting her girlfriend from lecherous female predators....


Poor Lady, she took off few stations later.


I felt bad not being able to help her. 

I didn’t feel comfortable yelling from afar & grabbing people’s attention towards ‘The Guy’ or towards me… 

I don’t need that kind of Drama & I wouldn’t want anyone to stamp on my dignity in front of the public!



Do we need to yell and tell ‘guys’ to berambus a.k.a ‘get the hell out’ in front of their face? Nope, I wouldn’t do that.. I believe WE, Malaysians are more Courteous than that.


But where goes all your courtesy as a man to a woman? Shame on you.. 

It was a ‘Ladies Coach’ for GOD sake. Bad enough you took a wrong coach & we didn’t say anything. 

You sat & play dumb when clearly a Lady needs a sit. Gosh!




Here’s another faggot!


Then there was this one ‘Sandwich’ moment.



If I were on her shoes. I would feel like crying! Not because I’m a cry-Baby!

Because my right for a comfort, and security had been taken away from me!




Seriously Gentlemen, You haven’t heard of ‘Ladies Couch’? 

Never Read em’ anywhere? Or you Just don’t Care??



It’s the headline in every freaking major news paper in Malaysia!! Don’t read newspaper? 

I am freaking sure u log in FB? Yes! It’s there also!!




 Here is all that you need to know about Ladies Coach:

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Vin Tsen Gan said...

Well, some guys just happen to have some sort of queer instinct that they are a woman trapped in a man's body XD

SonnyKazu said...

walau! Some of the men there have no brain! They can't even read the "Ladies' coach" sign! FTW!

They must have security guard at every stop for women's coach if this keep on.

jfook said...

This is what I hate about KTM. By the way, I don't think ladies coach works because it will make the whole ktm more crowded.

Raf Rafail said...

Bird, fyi been to ladies' couch...ouch hahaha

syam said...

F those F-ers! they pretended as if nothing happened la weh..stupid la..only the subang station got this indian lady officer who always chased all the men out of the ladies coach..

acsonrobin said...

Nice entry about Ladies' Coach, Dewi. I also care about the ladies but erm what I want to say is, peak time never cares about ladies. I mean, the Ladies' Couch is not really effective when the peak time comes. At that time, everyone just enter the couch with regardless thinking of gender issues. But if you really want the Ladies' Coach to be very effective, we need to give KTM more time. They need more workers and cooperative people to make Ladies' Coach very effective. >_O

MLaP said...

Pura2 jadi those faggots' spokesperson: "I dun care. I just wanted a ride."

LOL. Cover malu la tu, sudah naik baru pura2 buat tak tau.

Glo-w~* said...

if they accidentally entered, fine... but the 1st guy was so ungentlemanly! Shame on u!

Dewi Batrishya said...

Yeah.. *nodding ma head*

By the way guys, its not that Guys are not allowed in Ladies coach, I can understand if it's peak hour. No one would want to wait another 30 damn minutes more just to catch another train!

But the issue here is, Once u're in a Ladies Couch, shouldn't the priority goes to the ladies? or the Old folks? We aren't that selfish, are we?

Xiaopei said...

I think it's better to complain this issue to KTM HQ.

Dewi Batrishya said...

Some already complained to them.
But nothing much they can do.
I guess, this move just needs more time. ^^

ohmywtf said...

sigh...hopeless people..shame on u guys...well, speaking on behalf of the nice

idahani said...

apa nak buat..kita in 'tak palah' land..

Tihara said...

it doesn't work..kerja sia-sia belaka

Kia Tang said...

Felt like in japan. wahaha... education might be the only key for a better society. i think.

Aly89 said...

Why did u almost cried in KTM?

Or is that just by literal meaning?

fiona06 said...

geez~ all the perverts going to all extremes

Anonymous said...

"its not that Guys are not allowed in Ladies coach, I can understand if it's peak hour." (Dewi, 2010)
I'm in an agreement with her. I don't feel like a fool waiting for another train to come, either. YET, I do respect pregnant women, disable people etc.

If you think it's unfair to let a lady (especially young lady) to stand, have you ever witnessed some inconsiderate people letting old folks struggling to keep balance, while they're PDAing on the seat. So shameful, but it happens.

I honestly believe that if KTM company ever wants to implement this 'feature', do add more coaches. It's obviously understandable that this is a public transportation with limited space, super slow, no destination announcement etc.

If any ladies are being harassed and you're certain it's unintentional, do shout AS LOUD AS YOU CAN. Let the world know that you're being humiliated, and let the world punish the perv! (trust me, there are still many good men out there that would beat such person to death)

I personally don't like the banner. First it stereotypes pink with women, and the flowers etc. However, it's not the priority - the message is. I think they need to redesign it. At first glance, we only notice about "kawasan menunggu.. waiting area" and then at the second glance you notice the spiky hair woman icon (vogue, huh? ;-) and only later, when you truly observe the banner, you realise that only at the bottom, it states about the location of ladies coach (i almost missed it - you know we're busy people! haha).

Ps. This is a very thoughtful post, indeed.

Dewi Batrishya said...

@Im: Yeah, I second that motion.

@Aly: huhu.. on behalf of the 'sandwich' lady.
Dedicating the title to her.. ^^

Awais said...

Nice writing :)

rahma said...

begitu la tu.. some people just don't care. the admin team should do something about this. no offense but it's a fact (can see from the photos) tau la men ni... they just don't care and don't give a damn!! and they love being a rude person especially to ladies... i bet most of them think tht this 'couch ladies' thingy was a crap.... uuummphhh...

kerol said...

sound direct je lain kali..
'ter'salah koc atau ....