Goodbye is Hard.

Last Day in SMKP..
Can't truly describe the feeling..
I want to be with them and get to know them more..
I want to take pictures and make tons of fun memories..
I want to sing and dance and have a good time..
I want to leave them with things to cherish..

Too bad Time is Running Out.
We all have to move on
at some point of our lives.. :')

They taught me how to Laugh
They taught me how to LOVE
They taught me how to be Happy
to be Brave when I'm truly weary..

They taught me to not give up
to smile and put my chin up
to believe in them when they least expect..
They taught me how to respect

They taught me to be Calm
They taught me to be Cool
most of all they taught me how to be
the Best that I can be...

Lets just leave it to time...
Until we meet again,

My Dearest students!

Millions of LOVE,
Miss.D 2011


syam said...

cute. love the colors. they must love it :)

v said...

You're very talented! The key-chains are lovely :)

misya mialen said...

sy selalu percaya, Tuhan akan pertemuakn kita dgn orang yg salah dahulu sebelum dgn org yg betul;D