Tears of an Angel

I flew up high..
I saw sadness & sufferings..
Children dying..
Mother’s crying
Cut & bruised.. 
Bodies are laying..

A sad soul left there to rot.
And the foul smell of blood..
Disgusting, revolting, 
Sickening, overpowering.

A thousand bullets like raining..
Metal trucks bulldozing..
Brothers and sisters are fighting..
The nightmare is never ending..
Everyone loses everything..

How can a small body contain so much pain?
Since when death became a fun game?
In the end what is there to gain?

I flew up high and I cried.. 
I Prayed to God to take all the pain and Sorrow
And I prayed for a better tomorrow
To see a glowing lights in those faces..
For a smile to resurface..

When tears are no longer visible
When fears became unfeasible
For justice and peace to be possible.

Originally by: DewiBatrishya®

24th July 2010 (Happy Birthday!)


resyscaz said...

hye sis...
ive follow ya...=)..nice blg u have.

Dewi Batrishya said...

HUhu.. Thanks.. ^^ Appreciate it!

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Dewi Batrishya said...

Yeah. Like i neeed to burn my already-not-enuff-calories.. >.<

RAJA said...

Hi Dear
Excellent blog and Nice post// i liked your poetry very much, I'm very much impressed and inspired. God bless You.